Pheromone spell

No matter what I do my body odor does not smell good. Dr’s can not give me a solution or diagnosis. I need a spell that will get rid of the body odor, i will try anything.

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It’s mostly about what your eat or if you are sick.

Try Marbas or Raphael to find out what’s wrong and ask for healing to get you fully healthy. You might already be healthy but eating foods that do this.

For example, I never eat pork for this exact reason: it makes me smell weird. Other common food like onions, curry leaves, and garlic also have chemicals that are released in your sweat for days after you ate them.

Western allopathic doctors are mostly only trained to be drug pushers, they know almost nothing about nutrition or preventative wellness. You can’t trust them so you’re going to have to do the research and be your own health advocate on this one. A nutritionist will know more.