Petiton didn't work?

I honestly don’t know where I went wrong, I followed the format needed and was very clear with my intention. I gave this manipulation spell 2 weeks (still waiting, its been more than that.) I had a yes or no reading to clarify if it would work, cus if it didn’t I’d do something about it immediately. I asked Orias to do this since he did almost the exact (with a few additions now) things I asked him to. I don’t know whats next, but I sure do it happens. I offered him a candle that day I write the petition, isn’t that enough? I just have black skinny ones. I plan to offer him again once it is completed, I trust him. I might do some clarification yes or no later or such. I don’t know where it welp wrong tbh and that bothers me.

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It’s possible that nothing went wrong. You can do everything right, and the magick can still fail. That is just the nature of the game.


No method is guaranteed to work. You may well have done everything right, but that does not guarantee success. It is also possible that things are still shifting around and it is still in the pipeline and will happen later.
There are vast numbers of variables at work, most of which we are unaware of. There is no certainty in this field my friend.
I would suggest forget about it for a while (I know this is easier said than done). Some time down the track, if it still hasn’t happened, try something different.


God isn’t that the truth.


To echo the above response, try this thread- it sounds to me like your timeline and expectation of it could be part of the issue. Not knowing what needs to move to make it happen, (how many things does the spirit have to do to cause your result?) over worrying about what you didn’t do right… is the target even receptive or do they have some protection? If it’s manipulation and totally against their will- is your will greater than theirs? Were you so specific there’s no way it can happen?

All of those can hurt magic sometimes imop.