Petitions during the ritual

Hello everyone,

I would like your help about how and when to do petitions when you do evoking.

I looked but haven’t found a topic that clearly says how to write a proper petition, like what paper what color, what kind of text, and what to do with it during the evoking, and after that?

You have to read it out loud? Etc etc you get the idea.

So would really love to hear someone’s experience with petitions or so as “deals” or “pacts” how they work and how to do them properly.


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It really depends. If you want you can read the petition aloud or call on the intention of the petition. You can evoke the entity and then either get possessed and sign the pact or burn it. It really depends. And you can use anything for petitions. I have used plain white notebook paper and a black gel pen for my petitions and the pacts I made. Sometimes pacts are verbal like my pact with Odin and the Lovecraftian ones. It really all comes down to personal preference.


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I think you should let your intuition guide you… yes i also think its great to follow other steps…i usually meditate on what my intentions are before the evocation, then if i feel led…I’ll write my petition down…continue the evocation and/or prayer…then at the end… i offer blood on the paper ( brown paper bag with sigil drawn on the front) as an offering…burn it, and release it. I think its all about you being the force behind your magick and maybe the spirit will even guide you as how he/she likes to be evoked by you specifically. Thats just my personal take and experience

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What do you mean? I wrote a tutorial on that.

Petitions are NOT pacts. A pact is a whole different thing. A pact is a binding agreement between the spirit and the magician, while a petition is just a request.


Oh thanks for clarifying that, can you link me any topic regarding to PACTS?