Petition to keep someone away from you

Say someone physically attacks me sometimes and mentally. Which spirit or demon should I petition to keep that person away through any means?

Maybe Agares ?

As a Catholic Santa Muerte devotee She’s my go to for any protection or help.

If you search “binding”, there’s a lot of binding spells you can do including this one

You can do a freezer spell and freeze them out:

There’s a ritual in Angels of Wrath to remove someone from your life if I’m not mistaken.

There are two rituals in Magickal Attack, ritual to bind an enemy and ritual to move someone out.

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Update on keeping someone away from me

Firstly I thank all the members who helped out in my previous post. Almost immediately the next day the person I wanted to stay away from was literally moved on the other side of the room which is crazy. Going to be focusing on health based petitions now and see how that goes.

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@FreeDevHack Just popped your update in here to keep it all together and let people see the context easily. It’s great to see it worked out!

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