Petition to have E.A. on London Real podcast

Here’s a petition to have E.A. on the London Real podcast with Brian Rose. If you’re not familiar with London Real, Brian discusses a variety of topics from business to the esoteric and I feel it would be an excellent interview.


I remember when Change was used as a platform to decry political corruption and raise awareness of hidden global conflicts; an interesting turn it has taken.


one could argue that by increasing awareness of alternative practices as such and educating new audiences it is what is still what is being achieved in this case

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One could indeed argue that, but one could also counter with it being another promotion of an opiate.

I think it would be interesting to watch! Too bad the link doesn’t work in my country…

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London Real is good. I enjoyed his interview with Mantak Chia. He’s a great interviewer.


I would certainly tune in for something like that.

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I love Brian and i think it would give a huge boost of credibility to magick practices. I would watch it multiple times.

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I would rather listen to E.A. on the Thoth-Hermes podcast or with Tarl Warwick.

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