Petition spell

so I tried petition spell today and I think it went well… so I wrote whatever I needed (in the correct way, I got help from someone on this site) and then I lit a red candle and drew Lucifer’s sigil and chanted his enn 3 times and I read my wish 3 times as well then I flushed it down (the petition spell) and I actually wished fro like an ATAR score of 60% when my results come out at the end of May and I also wrote that I would give Lucifer my blood as offering if he gets it done… Do y’all think I did it the correct way or did I miss anything out?

Based on my opinion, I think I did it the right way and I think I gave Lucifer enough time… But what do y’all think about it ? I would love to learn from my mistakes

Seems good so far :+1: Visualisation (includes how you would feel if you had it) of dreamed result also helps.

Should I like visualise it like from time to time or ?

And like I’ve tried evocation before and it didn’t work but its still okay to do this petition spell even if you’ve never evoked before right?

It might work via Neville Goddard style, I was talking about ritual tho, do that in every ritual actually till you can speak with spirits.

Second question, yes of course.

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ah thank you, beyond grateful for your help :hugs:

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