Petition spell to 2 different spirits on the same day

I have read @DarkestKnight :full_moon_with_face: petition spell tutorial (Thank you so much) a few days back and now I am thinking of 2 things to wish.

  1. New job in a specific place and the company - Belial
  2. To get back my money from the person who abandoned me after - Andromalius

My question is - Is it okay for me to write in 2 different petition spell on the same day? and should I writing on the same paper?
Or just do it on two different days?

Help this poor newbie :pleading_face:

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I would suggest to write the 2nd petition on next day
meditate on the spirits sigil and when you feel connected or if you feel its time write the petition on the back side of the sigil and burn it

Different paper … or tear one paper in half and you can use that

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Hi @Vikson :full_moon_with_face: Thank you!

I’ll make it done in 2 different day.

Btw, have you ever tried petition spell for your life? If so, how was it?

My answer is similar to @Vikson . If you have the luxury of time two separate days is probably better if you’re just starting out in magic. If you don’t have the luxury of time and the petition needs to be done immediately then try to schedule them apart a couple of hours.

Good luck my friend.


Hey you @Mike_Bee :white_heart: So I have done 2 petitions on 2 different days which means 1 petition for each day.
Lucky I have enough time in my life right now. One good thing as the jobless person I guess :joy:

Thank you for wishing me a good luck. Will give you update in few weeks.

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