Petition-Invocation Journal

So I’ve made petitions with quite a number of demons over the past 3 weeks. Here is the list, and what I had asked for from each demon.

for revenge: Focalor
for wealth: Clauneck, Lucifuge Rofocale, Bune, Halah’Thor, Belphagor
Mammon and Paimon for a job
Bael for passive income
Orobos for a job
For sex and lust: Zepar, Gremory, Naamah, Asmodeus, Ruam, Sitri
for social charisma: Ronove
Eligos for business/financial success
Amy - shows the way to money and fortune
Gusion - for wealth and money
Valac- for wealth and money
Vapula - for wealth and money
Azazel - for wealth and money

The ritual: I would draw out their sigil, and meditate on it for a few minutes, sometimes doing rapid nose breathing (a kundalini yoga technique). Then I would write out what it is I wanted and what I would offer in return. I would then speak their enn a few times while looking at the sigil and then say “I call out to thee, I call upon thee, I invoke thee, Descend upon me”. Then I would read outloud the pact, and end it with “Alash tad alash tal ashtu” and then burn the paper, releasing the intent into the ether.

All in all, pretty simple rituals.

Another thing I’ve been doing during this same period is doing free reiki energy downloads from the universe, and it actually works. My energy has become much, much more stable, less fear, more confidence. So reiki really works wonders too.

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It sounds like you did a petition more than a pact. As was pointed out to you in a previous thread, a pact requires communication with the spirit. There is negotiation before anything is agreed to . What you have described doing is not a pact.


okay, a petition then. So I hope that at least some of them have accepted my petition.

good night, wow! you did a lot of things at the same time in a short period of time, I don’t know if you are a beginner or an expert, as a beginner doing this would be a mistake and would end up frustrated, and only if you are experienced I believe you are asking too much from several different people for example is mixing a lot of energy together, for example, you could use belial. he can do everything he asked for in a single entity or even asmodeus.
This is my opinion, I know it wasn’t a question but a diary, so can you take this as a tip? I wish you luck.

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I got the specific feeling from Belial, that he did not want to work with me. Otherwise yes I was planning on only working with one entity. Anyway I’ll meditate later and see if I can glean any further info from him

Anyway, I am going to go back, and do each of the money/wealth demons, a bit slower, with much more focus on their sigil, and trying to feel, get a clear message, and also set it as a pact with a time frame and offer bodily fluid too. I’ll put extra focus on trying to receive a sign, or some message, from them, with greater concentration.

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Day 1: Clauneck

I drew out Clauneck’s sigil and wrote out my request and what I am offering to him. While looking at his sigil, I got a clear “Yes”.

I did an opening, offering bodily fluid and incense, which seems to make it much, much more powerful. I could faintly feel a presence, and got a clear Yes to a question. I spoke his enn many times while staring at the sigil. Finally I closed the ritual and then burned the paper, releasing the intent into the ethers.

Praise Clauneck!

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Can an admin change the thread title to “Petition-Invocation Journal”?

Done :slight_smile:

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How about working with a single demon or spirit up to the point that you can hear/understand them and THEN doing a multispirit petition like this

because i need to get money/wealth FAST. I’ll approach 15 different wealth demons, and appeal to all of them, to help me.

Today I did a petition invocation for Lucifuge Rofocale.

I copied the same basic parts of the ritual from yesterday.

I summoned and invoked him. I offer incense, the sigil, and bodily fluid and wrote out my request on a piece of paper and drew out the sigil, and put the body fluid on the paper. I sat down and spoke outloud his enn a few times and gazed at the sigil. I could sense a presence, so I spoke out the request, and got a sense of him saying yes, agreeing.

I then closed the ritual and asked him to depart, and burned the paper.

WOW, I just saw that my account on a porn website has been verified and approved after submitting the ID documents, which I had a lot of trouble with in the past. Praise Lucifuge Rofocale! Praise Clauneck! This is a big thing for me, now I can reach a much, much larger audience.

So some results are already coming! Magick works!

Just did the same ritual for Bune. I could sense her presence descending as I opened the ritual. Offered the same thing and same request as before. Then closed the ritual.

I have repeated the same ritual with Halah’Thor now. The difference mainly is I am more specific in what I am asking for, and offering bodily fluid, which seems to make quite a difference.

Just did the same ritual with Belphegor but I also started it out beforehand, while I was on the toilet, invoking him while taking a dump.

Then moved on back to my room and did the same ritual as before. Wow, compared to the previous rituals, his presence was quite strongly felt. Belphegor is especially who can help me as his focus is to put the IDEA of HOW to make money/wealth in creative ways. So that was a very good sign.

Have just done the same ritual with Mammon just now. I could feel a presence, and got a yes to what I was offering him. I also offered that if he wanted anything else, he should put the idea into my mind.

I have heard quite a lot of good things about Mammon from many members here.

Have just done the same ritual for Paimon.

I’m getting better at feeling, sensing, their presence. So that is an improvement.

Have just done the same ritual for Bael. Mind was a bit distracted, so I wasn’t able to sense much, but that is okay. In another thread, someone had said “the demons are always listening, whether you are aware of them or not”.

Have just done the same ritual for Eligos. I was gazing at his sigil and it appeared to sort of become a bit 3D in a way, and I got a good feeling from this. I believe this was a successful ritual.

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