Personal NeuroFeedback Devices to facilitate Theta Gamma Sync

Is anyone aware of a neurofeedback technology (such as MUSE, Neurocare or emwave2) that will measure and display a proper theta gamma sync in the user?


I haven’t heard of these devices, but now I’m extremely intrigued. Have you used one personally?

I have not. There is a guy on YouTube that I know (we used to live a town over from each other, but we both moved) named dero7. He had a video about 5 years ago, where he has the headband on for NeuroSky I believe, and it is connected to .a game on his monitor, I think where he was shooting fireballs or something of the sort. No theta gamma measurements tho.

He was also into WildDivine, a game where you build ancient monuments with your mind. Think MineCraft, but using the headband instead of mouse and keyboard.

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These devices are pretty interesting. The manufavturers of the devices are not yet talking about using the devices to achieve brain states to become jedi/ magicians- mostly, these things are being used to help people relax. Great, relax, into your enslavement sheeple. Anyway, I digress.

I do believe that if people like E.A. Koetting, the EnergyMuse crystal people (who claim that entities gave permission to move John of God’s crystals from Brazil to the store for resale), and an app designer got together, then we could start using these things to induce the trance like states necessary to be jedi/ magicians.

The way that these things are presently calibrated, however, they appear to be rather useless. I could be wrong- I have not tried any of them. When they start saying, “Calibrated to enter trance state necessary to tear holes into the fabric that binds the illuision of reality together,” then that will be a good day.


Here’s a topic I can actually shed light on! I’m very familiar with all manners of neuropsych equipment. There is something similar called biofeedback technology - a common example would be our current typical lie detector test. For therapy, biofeedback devices typically come in little portable devices that are used to help people “”“relax”"" by focusing and calming their heartbeat, syncing their breathing, etc. Neurofeedback is a much broader family - what you’re describing (with emwave2 and whatnot) is more like a combination of neurofeedback and biofeedback - it does rely on getting your pulse. True neurofeedback is much more powerful - look into qEEG for example. It monitors your brain activity in real time and models it in three dimensional space so you can, essentially, visualize your neural working. If you’re familiar with functional brain anatomy, hooking yourself up to something like that and observing the changes has great potential in honing focus, mental fortitude, and likely also aspects of meditation. That said, this equipment is not readily available. Fortunately for me, I do have access to this equipment and people who can operate it for me. I must thank you for this post, though, because until now I haven’t considered integrating this technology with developing my psychic faculties.


Interesting. Thank you @judiss for the detailed reply. I can absolutely see the visual of which you speak. I will keep an eye open for these technologie becoming available to the public.

Out of curiosity, have you ever tried Holosync? I am not much of a meditator myself, but I do enjoy plugging in my headphones and going and meditating in what seems to be like a waterfall type setting amidst some rain. Curious if this puts me in theta gamma sync. Hard to tell.

The easy answer is no; never heard of it. I read into it on your link and I haven’t finished yet (exam today - gotta cram) but I’m not convinced by it so far. It makes a lot of vague claims about raising happiness in users and throws around keywords like “boost endorphins” without referencing and experimental data. It doesn’t help that the website looks like it’s from 2010 and is worded like a roided-up elevator pitch. I’m gonna give it a chance and get back to you with a better opinion soon. Mostly, I just wanted to say now that I haven’t read about “theta-gamma sync” outside of occult communities and I’m wondering if you could tell me exactly what it refers to? Theta waves and gamma waves have very different frequencies… how would you sync them up mathematically?? Or does it refer to “syncing” as in “in phase” (as opposed to out of phase)? Or does it refer to temporal syncing (like being in a state where both waves are coherent in your brain, eg. in REM sleep)? Thanks!

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In regard to Holosync, yes, it is an old website and has not updated since its inception. I just stumbled on a YouTube channel that seems to have similar type sounds for free:

In regard to the theta gamma sync, I have the same questions as you, and am glad you have found your way over here!


So procrastination and my desire to bust bullshit triumphed over studiousness. I finished reading the holosync page you linked AND the FAQ section AND the about section, skimmed the reviews section, and I’m even less convinced than before. I never trust any advertiser that only has good reviews - especially when the reviews aren’t from an open source (eg. Google reviews, Facebook reviews - even friggin’ Yelp reviews are open to all posters), and I definitely don’t trust anyone advertising for technology that does not come from a legitimate research facility - Centerpointe “Research” Institute is just the name of the creators’ company! They consistently reference their “evidence” which is literally a subjective “good reviews from all users”. Their “research design” for testing product effectiveness was using ONE test group, giving them the product, then asking for their feedback compared to their past experiences with meditation or otherwise. This is a huge source of bias and leads to sheeple syndrome, aka the Placebo Effect. There’s so much more but I’m going to stop my bashing of this company there; at least they offer a money-back guarantee so you can definitely try it for yourself. If you don’t care about the truth, at least the Placebo Effect is still some effect.

This is not to say ALL technology like Holosync is fraudulent. Binaurial beats are legitimate as of current literature and your video seems to be an example of one! Best of all, it’s free.


Good question I’m interested in this myself.

Damn good points and I had not thought of that…

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The basic term, as coined by EA Koetting, is that you use meditation, self-hypnosis, or other trance-inducing techniques to drop your brain wave states down to the Theta level, which is what you experience during the hypnagogic or hypnopompic states (going from waking to sleep or vice versa). Then, as you hold yourself in the Theta state at 4-7 Hz (by keeping your mind alert/awake and body relaxed/asleep), eventually your brainwaves start spiking up to as much as 40 to 200 Hz, or the Gamma state. Subjectively, this is experienced as entering the crossroads, where all vision of the outside world drops away, the spirit appears, and you enter into extrasensory communion with the extraordinary.

From EA’s book Questing After Visions:


Thanks for the reply, S. This certainly does clear things up a bit. Sounds like what I’d call a temporal sync - the waves occur coherently at the same time without being specifically in or out of phase.

Now, I don’t own any Koetting books so would you mind sharing with me the source he cites here:

(I’m assuming that 1 at the end is a reference number)
I’d love to read these early studies myself. I’m also a bit confused by the wording here:

I assume he is saying that you’re supposed to enter a low frequency state in order for gamma waves to become coherent (true) in the first (bolded) part. What is he saying in the second part? I don’t really understand his use of conscious/consciously. “Gamma waves will remain in conscious control” - are brain waves conscious? What are the waves in control of? Or does he just mean they’re now the dominant form of brain activity? And what is a conscious versus unconscious/subconscious benefit?

Thanks :hearts:

This isn’t the point of the article or discussion but I have to admit I cringed a bit; I need to make sure the public stays educated: wavelength and frequency are NOT the same thing but similar; Hz is a unit of frequency which is the inverse of wavelength.


The footnote is as follows:

I’m assuming he means that without entering into the underlying Theta state, Gamma waves are only experienceable under seizure conditions or as a once-off event. Entering Theta allows us to consistently produce these Gamma spikes at will.

Good to see someone else here with a solid background in science! For the record, though, EA has stated elsewhere that he’s not a neuroscientist, and thus, is only giving his best guess as to the neural correlates of these mystical states.


Ah that clears it up. Great - I’m now excited to try this out on myself (in a quantifiable manner; as I mentioned before, the qEEG can actually track and display these waves in real time as your brain creates them). Would anyone be interested in hearing the results when the time comes??

I understand - still, the casual readers of these post must stay informed! Anyway, good on him for putting himself out there. Too many occultists are quick to write off science as are these scientists who write off the occult.


Absolutely! Keep us updated. :smiley:

Ain’t that the truth.

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Great. I’ll be back in town with the equipment later next week - expect to hear from me regarding this no earlier than then.



Where is “in town?” Can I try the equipment?

I am overseas at the moment; will be in Los Angeles on June 14. Are you close?

Not close. I’m also leaving for Europe in May.

Gotcha, well regardless, I am very interested in what you learn as a result of your research.