Personal NeuroFeedback Devices to facilitate Theta Gamma Sync

So quick update:

  1. Experiment delayed to due to a workshop that’s was running last week and some of our electrodes needed replacing. Got everything down today and had myself hooked in for a scan while trying a few different types of “meditation”. Of course, for anyone following this thread please realize my findings here do not count as legitimate scientific findings because n=1 (myself) and it’s all just pioneering, seeing how qEEG can be used for this even.
    -Side note: I’m pretty new to the LHP so I am by no means a master at meditation.

  2. The data files are huge so the analysis will maybe be done tomorrow. No guarantees, though.

  3. This post is not completely boring or useless (but a bit off topic) because, while eyeballing the readout is irresponsibly inaccurate, there are certain things you can tell (general, not specific). The technician could see obvious differences between the first two types of meditation I did. I will elaborate on this later but one is basically regular “sit down, quiet your mind, relax” type of meditation and the second was more occult and I would classify it as some type of astral projection/walking the spirit world. So, while I can’t speak for if it “facilitates TGS” at the moment, I can say it offers a quantifiable difference between types of meditation.
    (I think that’s important to know because it’s often hard to know, when doing spiritual activities, what’s legitimate and what’s just your imagination - at least for me because apparently I have too vivid of an imagination).

  4. This method is a 2-people job.


I am definitely interested