Personal eclectic contradictions

welp.ive got abit of a contradiction

i do occasionally make offerings or invocations for so called “fictional” entitys. like others I have gotten great results with certain ones

but,one of the fictional ones I love is opposed to my practised path. (now please don’t laugh when I say which one). the emperor of mankind from Warhammer. you would think my path would align me with that fictional pantheons chaos gods,but I’m extremely confused here,any tips on how to handle this mess I’ve created for myself?


Fictional entities exist as what we call “egregores” and are real as far as psychic senses are concerned.

I don’t know this entity, so I would recommend having this conversation with it directly. You might be able to negotiate a common agreement, but f not, like with any other person then you should respect it’s wishes.


well, I understand that. but an egregore has different characteristics when its “fan-girled” and when it’s literally worshipped.which is highly ironic seeing as fan girling and literal worship arent mutually excluding. and one can lead to the other. but yes,I think I shall venture on an actual contact soon


Hey! If it works it works. I’d rather have an imaginary spirit that delivers results than a real one who didn’t do anything for me. :laughing:


oh it gets weirder,the “egregore” that ive been getting great results with is the brethren moons from dead space.i even recorded an invocation for the brethren moons. I’ve got the chant and some background whispers. toying with the idea of perhaps adding a periodically ringing temple bell.

part of the reason i offer to them regularly is that ive been thus far unable to find just a straightup deity/spirit of “hunger”. not famine,not pestilence,just hunger. an overwhelming hunger to consume everything,ambition?no,gluttony?not even close. this is the kind of metaphysical hunger where you would eat the stars and planets,and even space itself if it were in your power.

then there is also the unique egregore aspect where the bretheren moons combine overwhelming hunger with an equally insatiable drive to make everything “one” often by the aforementioned hunger.

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