Permanent Possession

Anybody here has any experience with this subject? I’d like to bounce back & forth a few questions.


Thank You


You mean you want to talk to people who believe they are walk-ins?
Or do you mean people who have possessed other people and hope to become a walk-in later to avoid death?

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Sorry to interrupt, but what is a walk-in? @Maulbeere


I believe he might mean merging.
Where a god merges with the host forevers.


Some food for thought to Evolve the topic since people seem to play with this idea thinking they are someones God:

  • Learn the difference between a Walkin Spirit into someone vs You doing it yourself.

  • A Walkin Spirit into someone is an aspect of their own Divinity, even if it was created with the help of another.

  • A practitioner walking into someone is merely just a High Priest or High Priestess.

  • individuals thinking they can just walkin to others doing whatever they want can potentially create many unforeseen problems now or in the future. This is especially the case when the person awakens to their own divinity becoming a practitioner themselves. So in these type of relationships you need to be cautious and respectful.


Hiya OP! ‘Person’ is another word for ‘mask’, so, it isn’t a misunderstanding to say that most humans are permanently possessed by the mask they’ve formed over the course of their development. Most people don’t realize it just comes right off if you pull it out! But it has to be you. :slight_smile:


I identify as being permanently possessed (among other things).

A walk-in:

A Soul is essentially the animated Life Force taking upon a specific form. It is also a sort of Total Animated expression of your body,mind, emotions, spirit, etc.

The Spirit is the Programming counterpart of Intelligence and Blueprint.

A SoulSpirit on one level exists within the DNA. They are seperate, but are not at the same time, as they need each other to exist in this world…so are an expression of Duallity and Unity simultaneously.

I’ve done some basically permanent invocations of planetary aspects and stuff before, not the same thing, but similar…