People that left Christianity or another religion, was guilt a factor?

So, this is a question for people who left Christianity or even another religion, Was guilt a big turn off for you? What I mean is, did feelings of guilt contribute to you deciding to leave the religion?

I admit that for me, guilt wasn’t helpful, but ultimately was not the big factor in walking away. It is more about what practices work, how well do they work, and what am I trying to accomplish by doing this.


Hi, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by guilt.
i left them because i saw what they were. I was 11 years old. but I was forced to attend religious instruction for another 3 years and go to church and receive the sacrament of Confirmation. but during that rite I was silent, I did not take the oath.

if guilt has been related to their guilt throughout history, then yes.

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Guilt didn’t play a factor for me personally. While historically fascinating, the religion itself is very contradictory. I guess when you’re raised that questioning “god” or “the church” is bad, you just accept you’re not supposed to know things and that was just sad to me. This religion teaches you that you’re nothing without this deity. And that didn’t sit well with me. Led me straight down the left hand path.


Guilt and fear are tools that enslave you to the religion. Fear of hell and too much belief in the bible are real. Just after I freed myself from Christianity, I began to gain the ability to free myself from fear, guilt, and all negativity.

I am not totally against religions; I actually know great people who are into Christianity.

I feel that being on BALG contributed to me walking away. I assume we are all rubbing off on each other mentally; that may be why. I also walked away when I walked away from politics. Religion and politics go hand in hand. You can throw both away. You can try to take out the delusions within them and work with certain things.


Guilt was part of it. Being made to feel guilty for being human is completely ridiculous. Then all the rules and obligations were to much as well. Especially when “god” never showed up or answered and prayers. It all take and no give.


I felt more guilty for leaving than i ever felt in the church but that passes. From a young age i questioned all the things that most Christians gloss over and eventually expanded my consciousness enough to develop a pair of astral cohones and finally leave.

The concept of an immaculate conception resulting in the embodiment of the one true god in a non-earth centric universe always baffled me. I thought about the native peoples across the world and even extra-terrestrial life that would never know of the glory of heaven simply because they can not accept our savior, the ONLY son of the true god. Some Christians say that maybe those people don’t deserve heaven (quote from a relative of mine). That shit makes me foam at the mouth.

My views are now that all the messiah archetypes from major religion are white magick progenitors and that sits a lot better with me.

For me it didnt have much to do with the give and take of religion or the fear instilled in me through dogma, as I tend to be a generally peaceful person and had no fear of hell personally. Im still a fan of Kabbalah though as I view their beliefs on the nature of Creator to be mostly correct

Edit: That and the pædophilia, gotta blindly trust everything them kiddie touchers say or you burn, right?


Not guilt but I had a good strong fear and dislike for Lucifer. I left the Catholic Church over something really silly, but I left the church not my beliefs. I became Mormon and that open my eyes to demons and more of the “real” story. I then just ended up on the path I am now because of what I have learned.
The guilt actual came after I left my old belief system and I had to work through it lot. It was a heck of lot of brain washing on my part.


I don’t think guilt was the reason I left Islam I just did it cuz it stopped making any sense
but later on I started noticing how much guilt and shame the people around me are carrying feeling like they’re not good enough to their God
and I was the same before I just feel free now


I left Christianity, because it wasn’t a fit for what I believe in.

Had nothing to do with anything, other than spirituality is more complicated than Christianity.

I wasn’t scared to leave, I didn’t feel guilt or worry about what my family thought or any of that.

If it’s a fit for you, good for you imop. If you’re not in the hypocrite camp, it encourages you to be a good generous person and gives people hope so. There are worse things to believe in imop.


I left when I was barely a teenager, there was no guilt, it was just me not vibing with it and leaving.


No, guilt wasn’t a factor. I was just tired of the stale lies.

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Not Christianity but the Hinduism branch I was somewhat born into. Used to go for classes and it was boring as fuck. It was hands down a cult lead by a wicked man. At least Yahweh / Allah split the Ocean and well people who go to their lessons get laid. In my case, it was boring lessons and simply brainwash.

No I’m not guilty. I get triggered when people mention the cult leaders name that’s it but I’ve learnt to realize that some people are happy in ignorance.

I still follow the Hindu path but now it’s more to my liking.


In my case, it was not the fault, but rather that I felt that I was enslaved to live and believe something that my heart did not feel, religion compresses your mind and your actions, suddenly they took over my life and I did not have freedom to be myself.


Not necessarily, but it did feel liberating knowing that “if i go to hell at least I chose this myself”.
I’ve always had this instilled fear that I would go to hell for my sins, even when I was a child; I even went through a phase where I was a pretty devout Christian, at least compared to what I was before. So it felt like my own choice when I finally switched.

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It was more miraculous I entered and worshipped at a few churches on my own decision. I had been a huge ANTI-CHURCH and Christianity for decades. I’d say full hate. I boldly went into the church with the intent to get brainwashed. It did crush my hate and i had a few obes and several “dreams” that were just too weird. It was probably the first time i saw a lady in a lake of fire scream/cry at me joining the church. I joined choir, study groups and was honest with my past including about demons and a few satanic cults i knew my dad was in.

That made people steer away from me. I experienced spiritual baptism, met some saints in the spiritual Mid east world and more. I had that rapture feeling for a month or more.

noun1. 1. a feeling of intense pleasure or joy

I left due to moving and seeing the church for what it was. I was/am poor and these people were predominantly midclass to rich. They also weren’t fond of my personal offerings. Tbh, it was kind of a thrill and fun.

I went bonkers and forced hate back into my life and then went into magic the best i could. As time went on it seemed like i was just deflecting my issues to another aspect. Its constant work and after so much lust and pleasure work i found i was just floundering in hedonism and self indulgence. I really failed to use sex magic correctly.

Covid x2 changed me a bit more. I’ve refocussed on self via more mundane methods but I still think on the spirits. Yeah, I’d love to battle god but how do you do that and why? I suppose the exhileration of going against the suppose ALL BEING that is supposedly the most of all is not just an honor, and challenge but a needed purpose. I don’t believe I’m entitled to even exist much less go to heaven or a hell.

I don’t hate any religion or spiritual practice now. I believe they should all be remembered, archived, and experienced just enough to see their truth if possible. Experiencing a culture and its nooks and crannies is a type of breathe of life sorely needed.

I don’t like deceptions and power grabs over the masses. I hate hypocrisy as well.


I left cause i felt god had no place for a gay dude like myself so I decided if he doesn’t love me for who I love then fuck him. Plus hell sounds much more fun considering from what i have read it has no rules.

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However at a young age when my grandmother was living with my family for 9 months because my father was stationed in Kuwait i was forced to do those stupid opening ceremonies. Also she guilt tripped me into going saying that god would get angry with me. However I still had the subtle art of not giving a fuck. But overall this is a good question being asked so bravo.

I was sick to death of the christian church by the age of 8 had to go three times on a sunday wednesday evenings and the odd saturday mornings I had a massive arguement with my mum about how long we had to spend in church and she said to me “her rules untill I’m 18"and i said to her no chance I am leaving when I am 16 years old .also told her that” if her god has such a big ego that you have to be in church that often I think you are on the wrong side " forwhich i more than expected a good hiding and suprisingly she took that better than expected
by 13 years old I was buying books on the occult and satan Aleister Crowley spiritualism to start with just to piss her off and then discovered that it was seriously interesting and more real than anything that happens in a christian church
So guilt no relief yes in spades Happy Magick

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The reason I left “western” religions was because one day I Imagined what I would do if I was God. Almighty, Al-knowing and infinite,boundless by any rule.

I concluded that an absolute God is as idiot as any get, not because it is not smart, but because it cannot learn (All God thinks becomes real to some degree). How long does it take for God to pretend he does not know he is himself aka Imaginary friends.

How long does it take him to dream a world where there are rules that he cannot break (Like the ones we have in dreams (or we wake up)), how long until he pretends to be the reader of this text. It is just a pretend, much like the not you characters in your dreams; they are still you, same with your nightmares!

I reached this conclusion without having any knowledge of Eastern Religion. I abandoned religion out of Reason. Because following an absolute God is not only folly, but ironic as it is you! The absolute God is you! pretending to be a human.

It’s not that there is a “hypocrite” camp. I can explain… Christianity suppresses you spiritually. I could do good deeds in the name of Jesus, but when I left I actually became even more compassionate towards others. Now, there is a crucial difference; I stand up for myself and utilize black magick against bad people.

Imo, these people don’t really have hope. It’s as if they are enslaved through fear, control, etc. A lot of these people even believe that almost no one makes it to heaven. When I was a Christian I didn’t really believe in heaven, nor had hope. I was ruled by fear.