People that come from both LHF and RHF families (At a Crossroads)

As many know, I come from a very long line of both LHF and RHF practitioners. From Voodoo, Santeria, Ifa, and possibly Palo Mayombe. I’ve come to a point where I’m still unsure of whether to incorporate elements of the Left Hand Path into my practice which also has RHF elements. According to my birth chart, no unevolved souls are incarnated as Scorpio rising. I can be evil or good, a saint or a scorpion. I’m a Gemini sun, Scorpio rising, an Aquarius moon with Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius. That’s one dangerous combination and when I recently FULLY realized this, I was humbled but also left with questions: Where to go from here? Who am I? What am I REALLY capable of? I’m good and evil. I do NOT need to touch anybody to F them up and that unnerves me. I don’t want to end up like the rest of my family all F’ed up because they didn’t do as I did (and actually use my powers to benefit all). Advice is greatly needed. I’ll post my complete chart sometime over the weekend on my blog.


LHP vs RHP is a blind - tools are tools, it’s your intent that matters.

I don’t get it. Why did your family members get fucked up for not using thier skills to benefit others? Who fucked them up? Who said it’s a rule that you have to do anything beneficial unless you want to or it serves you as well?


Very interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of this, and as a fellow Scorpio Rising am curious, where’d you learn this, and is this a common interpretation for Scorpio Rising?

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My family is pure evil. They would cut their own kids throats if they could get away with it. If you’re going to hurt someone, do it because it was deserved and approved by Spirit. In my case, my own parents tried to take me out. Put a curse on me that lasted up until recently. My mother got a hammer to the head 1 year after I was born for fucking someone’s life up. Neglected my grandmother’s health so bad that she died 18 years ago, right before Xmas. The most evil, murderous, IDGAF, ANGRY, I could care less, UNEMOTIONAL people I have EVER met in my life. Why turn on others like that? No reason to, but I sent them packing because I will not tolerate their BS anymore. That’s 18 years I can never get back. To be angry is an understatement and I’ll leave it at that.

Ok that’s a bit more then just ‘bs’, sounds like my grandmother actually. But they got fucked up for being awful people, not for not helping. That makes a lot more sense to me.

They are horrible people. And it will never change…from their end. I was told by the Other Side that the madness has to end with me. And I can say it has ended. I did NOT end up like them, their fate will be a fate worse than Death. I already know what their fate will be…and it won’t be pretty. If I have to use the darkness for the common good, then so be it. I can be sweet as honey or as deadly as a venomous snake. And that many can agree to this. I learned my lesson and will not ever follow down their path.

Yes me too! That is interesting
Oh and where’s my manners …
:wave:hi there fellow Scorpio risings :blue_heart:

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Greetings to you to. And yes I love it! Most people like to focus on my Aries sun sign. Little do they know that underneath the fire is a watery scorpion’s tail poised and ready! :innocent:

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