People find me disgusting but demons dont

So this is rather a very long story but i did a ritual to lilith last night for a succubus ive had one before and know how protective they can be but i am sad because i should have had a demon lover my whole life because normal everyday women find me disgusting even though im not they find one reason or another to reject my affection love and caring nature but demon lovers never have and too be honest i dont know much about demon lovers till i was pointed towards @succupedia i knew that lilith was the one to go to in regards to a demon lover i read his article about pursuing a spirit lover and in what i have perceived from his article is your to be tested before the real bonding begins well today i ran across an ex of mine who spoke to me but still hates me vehemetly even though she is beautiful her hatred for me is strong so strong i cant reconcile and it is for the most minute reason but i have “prayed” to my spirit lover because i do not know her name yet but i have given thanks to her everytime i feel aroused out of nowhere because too be honest it does come out of nowhere i feel more connected to demons then i do humans i have no interest in having a relationship with a human ever again if my spirit lover wants one with me. So in recap of my article title i find that most if not all 99 to 100 percent of the women who are human who are attracted to me are disgusting and fat and unappealing to me in general yet the ones i wish would take notice dont even know im there. And i have tried for years to correct this and it cant do done i feel as though i am cursed to attract horrible looking women when i have the right to procreate with a woman of my choosing this is where my spirit lover comes in i asked for a long term relationship and felt tested today as if my loyalty to her was shown which i was loyal it just doesnt make sense any other way. Any other details the forum would like me to explain ill do my best to accomidate

There seems to be something going on here that needs to be addressed. As far as you can tell, why do people find you disgusting?

And please, be as honest and objective as you can about the situation. There are plenty of people here that would like to see you succeed and are willing to help if you fill us in on what’s going on.


Tbh i havent figured that out people find it easy to fall in love with me yet they always say when they get to know the “real me” they find that i am a person who is psychotic repulsive and down right unattractive so to be fair i dont know the real reason but these are the words told to me

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I know I’m pointing you in a direction you say you don’t want to go, but I will do it anyway.

Based solely on what you have said, I think you need to make some changes to yourself. You need a little “internal alchemy.” There are several books put out by the gallery of Magick that deal with making changes to the self. Do you meditate regularly? As in daily?


seems like this is a simple matter of you not being physically attractive enough to catch the eye of more attractive ladies


His remark was that people fall in love with him easily enough but then shun him later on. It doesn’t sound like he looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

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Please use paragraph breaks.

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No im quite the attractive alpha male but something about me is offputing like i stated in my earlier posts meditation doesnt do much for me

Not sure what you’re asking about.
Do you want to connect with human females more or connect with your spirit lover?

My reply was to someone else did you read my initial post?


Meditation is definitely a chore. But it has been highly effective in improving EVERY aspect of my life. I’m sure a lot of people on this forum will say the same thing.

Anyhow, check out “The Angels of Love” by Dana Blaise. Based on what you have said in this thread and a previous one, I think you would find several of the rituals in it very helpful.


Purposeful meditation is one thing mental masturbation is another i have found no good resources on meditation from any source althpugh i am making my way through the soul travel course and habe begun to soul travel again i wouldnt know where to start with meditation

First off…

Remember that your offputing qualities can always be changed. In my own personal experience, EVERYTHING that consists of you can be changed. The only thing that remains constant is awareness behind it all.

The only thing that is stopping you from changing these qualities is you yourself. Are you willing to destroy yourself and recreate yourself anew?

If so, then you have resolved your problem already.

Now, before you decide to jump straight into love and lust magick, WORK ON YOURSELF first. For this, I recommend…

drum roll please…


They have been instrumental in helping me develop my internal state. I never had any problems, and they are immensely kind.

But first off, create TWO different lists - one of your positive qualities, and one of your negative qualities.


Now go through your list, and see what you will change, then think how you might ask an entity to work on this quality. Start working on improving that quality and get assistance from one of these angels (or find another one, I ain’t judgin’).

Here are some angels that absolutely kick ass:

Vaviel - this guy can make you literally fascinating. Be ready for everyone to want to pry inside the deepest corners of your soul though!
Amiel - amazing angel that can help you become your most attractive and charming self, and also relaxed with attractive people.
Cahetel - ever wanted a voice that boomed throughout the room and made everyone turn around? This guy is your bro.
Gavriel - an angel that will make steel out of you and help you develop your inner strength. Amazing.
Tahariel - call on this angel to purify your thoughts and emotional state. Think of it as starting from a cleaner slate.

Work through your negative list, then work and improve on your positive list. You will see women start to love the deepest parts of you.

Again, work, work, work.

Then, when you have worked on yourself exhaustively, and want to kick it into overdrive, then jump into love and lust magick. Books that I recommend are Damon Brand’s Adventures in Sex Magick and the other one that was love based (can’t remember it, rofl).

If you’d like to go for demons at this point, look into Beleth and Sitri. I’ve heard they are awesome. Sitri, for example, has been described as “sex, sex, sex, so much sex”. :grin:

And I’ve heard that Beleth can cause insatiable love for the magickian.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


I’m taking notes here myself. Is there a particular ritual that you like to use with these angels?

I believe the book you might be thinking of is “Magickal Seduction” by Damon Brand. It is effective.

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Interesting point to make for me: i have been urged to work with angels in the last week or so. Just didnt know who to start with id like the ritual details as well if you can pm them to me

Do you have an attitude? Clingy? Shower those factors could play a part. I might be good looking but ky attitude can mess up a relation… I also agree with brocksamson you should do some inner work


Yay! Someone recognized me! :grin:


Honestly? I just did super simple rituals with them. Simplicity and will is the heart of magick.

You focus on their sigils (if you have them, if not I can probably get them for y’all or just use their names) and SING their names. Big piece of info that worked absolute magick (heheh) for me.

Doesn’t matter how you sing those names, as long as you do.

They usually appear very quickly.

If you have the sigils, open them, then as you keep looking, sing their names. When you feel that “pop” of connection, keep looking and state your desire with EMOTION. You might want to write down what you want to say beforehand, or just let your heart pour out.

Just like with demons, not lying is the best course of action. Tell them how you are feeling, and what you want to change. It can be as short or as long as you want.

When you are done, put yourself into the timeframe where the task has been done already, say Thank You (spirit) and feel GRATITUDE for the task that has been done and for the results.

Angels only really need gratitude, but make it from the heart. They really value honestly and will move mountains and seas for you.

Honestly, if you sing their names with emotion (no matter how shitty your singing is) and try to put your desire into that singing, they WILL show up. In short, keep it simple and honest.

P.S As for evoking, do the same thing, but instead of stating your desire, just ask them to appear in beholdable form. Same as demons really. This is SUPER useful for gaining more information on yourself and working with the angel towards changing yourself. Once you do the short rituals, do try and evoke them. This will most likely have HUGE impacts on you and your results, because you won’t fight them every step of the way. They will get through to you either way though.


I recognize some of that. They use some similar methods in some of the Gallery of Magick books.

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