Pentacle Consecration Baal Kadmon Method

Has anybody used the Fifth Pentacle of Mars, or consecrated any Solomonic Pentacles using Baal Kadmon’s method. Any successes?? What were the effects of you using the Pentacles you consecrated? Not a lot of success stories out there with using consecrated Pentacles but I have read about some. Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’m about to prepare consecrating Pentacles via the Baal Kadmon method. I’ll be uploading my experiences with these pentacles on this thread as well as the preparation stages as a matter of public record. Anyone who has any experiences with the Pentacles are also invited to post in this thread.

The pentacles I will begin consecrating will be the Fourth Pentacle of Mercury and Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter.

What are those things supposed to do?

They have many uses. There are some to bring wealth, some to bring love. The Fifth Pentacle of Jupiter increases psychic abilities/visions. The Fourth Pentacle of Mercury assists in obtaining knowledge that is hidden. Fourth Pentacle of the Sun assists in seeing spirits that are hidden to our view. The Fifth Pentacle of Mars constrains/terrifies Demons, gets them to obey the will of the Magician. There’s even one to cause earthquakes, get someone possessed. Lots of things. I recommend reading around the subject.

The Greater Key of Solomon has a book on how to prepare it traditionally (tools/requirements a bit way out of the way but if you stick to this you get good results) Baal Kadmon has a book on the Pentacles which is pretty good. @luxfero also has experiences with these pentacles but I don’t know if he’s active on this forum anymore.

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Could you tell me the title of the Kadmon book ?

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Do you print of the pentacles?

I was actually looking for something to do in my free time, but now that I look at Solomon’s book, I think that there are easier ways to do the same things and now I’m too lazy to do these things.

No printing them off isn’t going to really work based on experience you would have to prepare it at the right time. Based on experience I didn’t do the consecrations properly and the pentacle failed to be functional.

The book is The Magickal Talismans of King Solomon - Baal Kadmon. You can find the full book as an Epub download on Google or you can buy the full book. I would get the Epub test it out, if you like it and find success with it then I’d buy the book to support Baal Kadmon. He has really good books as well.

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There are easier ways of making things work, I’m going to be looking into it. My hopes of using the 4th Pentacle of Mercury is to acquire hidden knowledge related to this. Hopefully all of us can benefit from doing so. I recommend you guys read around the subject you would be amazed to see what you can find. Try and experiment and let me know how you find it.

Solomon Pentacle always draw my attention from long time ago. But, kinda scare enough to crafting one of those thing

It is said that the pentacle had some holy names in it, and you cant do wrong while poses such thing cause the divine wont accept that

It offers protection against any spirit that is out to hurt you.

J.S. Garrett also says that it can kill parasites that try to attach to you while you are sleeping if you keep it w/ you on your bed or near you while you sleep.

I have had good results using either Chatles Cosimano’s method in his psionic magick book, or by using a talisman loading technique using the energies of the planet itself to charge it.

Both were made using only paper.

No need to make thrm out of any type of metal when done in these ways.


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