Pendulum and a photo

Hi people I can use a pendulum on a photo of someone and it will spin if they have a health issue my next question is what else can I do with a pendulum and a photo for example can I put an idea in someone’s head like for them to stop smoking for example or be more content in them selfs is this possible? Can I talk to a person far away and send them love using this photo and a pendulum and if so how do I do it?

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Hi I’m noise I do color I can heal people with color using a pendulum I can tell if there is a problem and we’re it is then I get coloured wool and can tell what color is needed I can also do this with a photo I’m interested in pendulums and what work I can do with a persons photo etc

Dude, can’t you follow directions? I told you to click the link, and introduce yourself properly, and in the right place.

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Shot sorry not good on this computer stuff try again