Peer review of the collective rabbit hole i have recently discovered

Hey. Found some information that is putting all the jigsaw pieces of my life and death experiences, as well as the inherent nature of all seen and unseen, together.

I want more experienced members to read these links and tell me what you think, and how this could be key in using proper enochian and ritual/dimensional travel to alter things using the basest elements that create our complexity. Thank you.

H.P. Blavatsky’s work

I’m a truthseeker wishing to use the source of all to channel myself away from my primal unstable lower self and create good with the knowledge of science and true magic thru occult science and esotericism/exotericism.



I’m sorry, but it is against the rules of the forum to link to outside groups, and that includes the two Facebook pages you liked, so I have edited them out of your post.

Theosophy is what you call a “Mystery School”, there are others but this one appeared to grow up spontaneously, and here work was added to notably by Rudolph Steiner to create the Anthroposophical Society.

I think yes, there’s enough information in here to develop Siddhis.

Like anything, for me small parts have become outdated as the energy of the times has moved on and this Anthroposophy seems not to be a living and evolving science, and more a static moment in time, though I could be wrong and there are inner circles doing just that and it’s just not published.

Bearing that in mind only means, if you come up to something that seems blatantly off, don’t worry about it: they could only do the best they could with what they had at the time, and for your own path it’s ok to ‘edit’ and choose your own approach: it’s a guide and food for self enlightenment and thought, not a religion. Maybe you’ll come to a different understanding of the work later that fits, or maybe you’ll understand why your own view works better for you.


My only goals are to empower myself to the point where I can actually make a difference in the world, OR at least enough to make a difference for myself so inherently I can give back, and most importantly do myself a favor by improving both spiritually and and every other aspect I can imagine. There’s a whole lot that I have recently discovered, I’ve been working with Thoth and have gained slight control over myself and the links to my higher self and other quantum instances of myself that are focused on the mutual improvement of all of us.

What would you say helps with siddhi development the most in your experience?

I am very powerful but its a primal carnal knowledge, almost like a foggy muscle memory that i have exuded abilities with (usually tripping or on a stimulant, however i can achieve this alone its just that any intoxicant involving the perspective or overall focus tends to help with visualization and concurrant movement of energy, separation from ego, and revelations both abstract and mathematical in nature) but can’t quite nail down all the outside factors on my limitations and the things that block my intention from becoming manifested thru focus and a source of energy. My shadow self used to trick me into giving into it for cheap power over some electronics and generally being able to feel out a room or thoughts passively.

Now i just want to ascend to a plane that gives me the ability to protect people i love, help strangers gain their own power, quell my impulsive nature and lack of ability to slow down my current mood/state of thinking even if i know its wrong or negative. I’m getting better but hindsight is still behind and below me.

Anyway thanks if you read this. I just want to grow into a being that is happy and spreads it instead of wishing every single day didn’t end in self induced frustration. Like today, lost 50 bucks gambling.

I honest to god can manipulate machines sometimes, but frustratingly when i get anxious or nervous in any way doubt blocks my ability to increase odds. I both want to stop doing shit like this when i get stressed, save money, and increase prosperity so i don’t walk in circles for the rest of my life. I’m not asking you to parent me, I’m asking what practices are beneficial to you both results wise and in general wellbeing


Robert Bruce’s Kundalini training. He has a course on it that’s very low priced that explained how to get the practice and build up to it step by step. He has a holistic energy approach that is very understandable and free of all the usual heavy symbolism that needs a key to understand. Also qigong,

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I’ll be honest i always worry about things that cost money but I should ask around about peer reviewed spiritual courses, never know when someone might just crack the code and break the infinite now into something more under our control

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Wow, more Robert Bruce recommendations. Must have some powerful techniques. @John_John is also a big fan. Look forward to having the time to read him.

These are absolutely incredible goals!! 100% support you in this, brother. I’m there with you in many ways, really.

I wish I could “follow” your account, to see new things you post to the forum.

You know, Alice Bailey continued the work of Blavaktzy… .and now it’s become “Lucis Trust”, which was originally called Lucifer Publishing. I’d love to see what you or other think of their Great Invocation. It’s been a big “hmm”.

I’d love to ask very seasoned occultists such as EA about this. Maybe I can on a live broadcast or something.

Another offshoot of this work is Anthroposophy from Rudolf Steiner. The guy who made biodynamic food, which paved the way for today’s organic food (yet is even better!). He also made Waldorf schools. I’m a big fan of him, and less conflicted about the goals of his work.

Another teacher you might want to look into is Martin Faulks. He has a YouTube channel, and besides being a good natured Freemason, he also has extensive training in martial arts. He says he was Japan’s last trained ninja. Pretty cool. A LOT of his content is about slowing down and controlling your energy — via meditation or what have you.

He’s kind of fun, although he can talk a bit too slowly for me sometimes. Lol

You’ll likely find his hermetic meditation info, based on the works of Franz Barton, to have some of the knowledge gold you seek.

If you have a music subscription, also try brain music from Hemi-Sync and J.S. Epperson. They can even out and contour your mental and spiritual energy. Your qi, Shen, etc.


Gosh, just when I’m starting to focused… there’s always gotta be something to call me and distract me. Although I really don’t say that in a negative way, I say this be cause whenever you start to focus and get into momentum again, there is always some sort of calling… op is interested in this particular path and I’m sure I can guide him. The closer I am to getting all these things down and the more I get there, well… the more distractions appear to be coming. I think with my previous post, it will be enough for the op to get a great idea going.

So to anybody who reads this, I highly recommend to stay focused and know, when enough is enough. Reading and exploring and gathering more knowledge is amazing! But dude… holy crap. You’d be surprised at the many indirect ways that things will stop you from progressing, even if it’s a good thing. I love to help people and I wish I could be like one of the moderators on here myself. But there will be entity’s that will prey upon things, such as you will to help others.



Going thru a massive struggle currently after a really positive 3 days that lead up to me getting cocky abd pushing my human limits beyond what i have developed them to. I will recover and give a dignified response tomorrow when i am more awake


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“You’d be surprised at the many indirect ways that things will stop you from progressing, even if it’s a good thing”

Makes total sense.

Again, you bring a perspective not oft’ talked about, John. You’re a perceptive young man. Wise beyond your years. If you were my son, I’d be so proud!

You go focus, though, man. You do you. Then maybe share some of the findings later on.