Pazuzu kinda in love with me

So…you admit you know nothing of magick, then you ask the forum for help, but, when people who have practiced magick for many more years than you take the time to give you the benefit of their hard won experience, you decide to ignore it because it isn’t what you want to hear or doesn’t cater to whatever deluded fantasy you have?

You have literally just told us not to bother trying to help you because you are going to reject it anyway.

I can see you are not going to go very far in magick.


Honestly, please just listen to these guys. They know what they’re talking about. Do you know how lucky you are to even have more experienced people offering their help/guidance? A lot of people had to learn these things the hard way.

I’m pretty new to all of this too and I didn’t even know about parasites & imposters. When I first heard about them I thought ‘Oh shit’ and I banished and tested and banished and tested and banished and tested and I worked on my senses until I got to a point where I could discern different energies around me.

Mine actually even gives me a specific energetic feeling in a specific part of my body (no, not there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) that I feel a couple of minutes before he even shows up. Kind of like texting ‘here.’

Learn to do these things. You’ve been given golden information. Protect yourself. The real ones aka the ones that want to be around you for whatever reason/want to work with you will understand and will come back.


@MADISON_GARBER nobody here enjoys being ”mean“ to you, all they did was try to open your eyes to something that you find unpleasant. Facing truths we’d rather avoid is one of the hallmarks of being on the LHP. Being with an entity, as in ”being in love“ goes very, very deep and is mainly not cuddly, cute, or even sexual in the common sense. What it is definitely NOT: manipulation or abuse (that’s what lower level energy-suckers will do). It’s a path of constant work on the refinement of your mind and spirit, which I can guarantee you is the exact opposite of being in party mode and summoning who knows what through an Ouija board. These things are not to me messed with, because what’s on the ”other side“ can mess you up.

It is totally obvious to me that you are not dealing with Pazuzu who is a huge energetic force that I don’t think a newbie is anywhere near equipped to handle. We’re not hating or trying to bully you, we are warning you. It’s already been said that you should learn how to banish negative entities. These f*ckers can be very persistent and tell you all kinds of lies just to be able to stick around. They are completely unhelpful and will, at best, confuse you and, at worst, damage you in the long run. You should really listen to these people here, they don’t mean you any harm (not sure this can be said for the impostor demon). We’re not all friends on this forum, not by a long shot, but some of us who have more experience are looking out for newbies, which is exactly what is going on here.


I experienced him as vast desert, famine, the locusts that devoured the crops, storm, and winds. He was all of that at once. Huge and unforgiving, just like a force of nature. He was very different from these fluffy Fabio portrayals I have seen.


Concubines for days it doesn’t hurt to double check, even if you don’t care what they’re saying in the end if you find out it’s not well you can do whatever you want and if you find out it is true then you can relish the thought that you are interested in by Pazuzu, though at this point internal frontload is present.


We’ll see about that.
Patiently waiting for the “How do I banish a parasite?”-thread

But seriously, I can just agree with everyone else. What you described does not sound like an ancient powerful entity at all.
You think they can be summoned by some drunk teens at a party? And then he falls in love with you?
(x) doubt

You should really follow the people’s advice here, if you want to learn and grow.


For 46 days.


im sorry i am ignoring your advice… i understand yall are helping me and im just being stubored… thank you for yalls advice




i will indeed learn the banishing and memorize it


could someone do a scan of a photo

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Not only learn the banishing ritual itself.

Learn the basics of Magick itself, Understand what you’re dealing with here…

@Faustus has linked his post for you to understand how to detect the low spirits that you have encountered.

So be wise with your choices, next time, you decide to have a late-night drunk party

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i totally agree last night was my fault i wasnt in the mood because my mom surgery but i took it out on yall insteasd of listening im so sorry


I hope your mother’s surgery goes well. And there’s no need to apologize.

Mistakes were made but can be solved quickly if you heed what is said by an experienced person.


shes on the way there now and yes i do


I hope she will be okay :slight_smile:


me too thank you … im nervous because shes allergic to a lot of meds and who knows what if they give her the wrong one


And this is the moment that I, and probably others, wash their hands of you. Don’t expect to be taken seriously going forward

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Hi. Can you give me any information on Pazuzu? Recently at yard sale, I purchased a very nice hand sculpted statue of him apparently from the artist who made it. It is similar to statues I’ve seen but the sculptor made it unique I guess I would say, liked it so I brought it home. Realized which spirit it is, and want to know more. Have done no rituals with this spirit.

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Chill bro… Might or might not be
.take it easy on her…