Pazuzu kinda in love with me

Some people have astral parasites with them for years before they really mess them up for good… it will likely be a rocky ride, such as him scratching you.


Imposter spirits might do that.


yea i understand but he never really harmed me like he did my friends and he lefted a mark of me on my right wrist and it was Z.

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My only suggestion is work on your clairvoyant senses (not that astral senses nonsense that’s just jumping in a pool of thoughtforms and junk) and confirm it yourself. As you mentioned someone else read the image.

Multiple confirmations without frontload is helpful along with your own witnessing of it. Then you’ll know for sure if it’s an imposter, a thoughtform, or legit.


alright!! i will thank youu


I’m just gonna leave this here, because you’re gonna need it sooner rather than later.


Why newbies fall of to this pit over and over? :expressionless:


Cause they want to? at some point, things get fucked up :grimacing:


Yeah, they want to feel important lmao, oh look this famous entity is in love with me.

Come on man, we are eating junk food and jacking off and doing evocations,a shitty parasite comes instead of big guys (talking about newbies)


I was a fifteen year old with a ouija board once too. That’s exactly why it’s so obvious to me what is happening here.


I can see now I am going to have to write something on ritual preparations. Because what you describe is exactly what too many are doing and they are getting exactly those results. Garbage in=garbage out


yal are so mean

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i get it im newbie but idc what yall think

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Welcome to LHP, now figure out how you’re gonna banish the entity that you think is Pazuzu apparently…


I am sorry I couldnt be like Pazuzu :pray:

I will see myself out now,its your life do whatever you want with it,have a nice day :+1:


Well, have fun with that then


So…you admit you know nothing of magick, then you ask the forum for help, but, when people who have practiced magick for many more years than you take the time to give you the benefit of their hard won experience, you decide to ignore it because it isn’t what you want to hear or doesn’t cater to whatever deluded fantasy you have?

You have literally just told us not to bother trying to help you because you are going to reject it anyway.

I can see you are not going to go very far in magick.


Honestly, please just listen to these guys. They know what they’re talking about. Do you know how lucky you are to even have more experienced people offering their help/guidance? A lot of people had to learn these things the hard way.

I’m pretty new to all of this too and I didn’t even know about parasites & imposters. When I first heard about them I thought ‘Oh shit’ and I banished and tested and banished and tested and banished and tested and I worked on my senses until I got to a point where I could discern different energies around me.

Mine actually even gives me a specific energetic feeling in a specific part of my body (no, not there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) that I feel a couple of minutes before he even shows up. Kind of like texting ‘here.’

Learn to do these things. You’ve been given golden information. Protect yourself. The real ones aka the ones that want to be around you for whatever reason/want to work with you will understand and will come back.


@MADISON_GARBER nobody here enjoys being ”mean“ to you, all they did was try to open your eyes to something that you find unpleasant. Facing truths we’d rather avoid is one of the hallmarks of being on the LHP. Being with an entity, as in ”being in love“ goes very, very deep and is mainly not cuddly, cute, or even sexual in the common sense. What it is definitely NOT: manipulation or abuse (that’s what lower level energy-suckers will do). It’s a path of constant work on the refinement of your mind and spirit, which I can guarantee you is the exact opposite of being in party mode and summoning who knows what through an Ouija board. These things are not to me messed with, because what’s on the ”other side“ can mess you up.

It is totally obvious to me that you are not dealing with Pazuzu who is a huge energetic force that I don’t think a newbie is anywhere near equipped to handle. We’re not hating or trying to bully you, we are warning you. It’s already been said that you should learn how to banish negative entities. These f*ckers can be very persistent and tell you all kinds of lies just to be able to stick around. They are completely unhelpful and will, at best, confuse you and, at worst, damage you in the long run. You should really listen to these people here, they don’t mean you any harm (not sure this can be said for the impostor demon). We’re not all friends on this forum, not by a long shot, but some of us who have more experience are looking out for newbies, which is exactly what is going on here.


I experienced him as vast desert, famine, the locusts that devoured the crops, storm, and winds. He was all of that at once. Huge and unforgiving, just like a force of nature. He was very different from these fluffy Fabio portrayals I have seen.