Pazuzu candle colour and incense?

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I’ve started a working with Pazuzu. This is the first time I’ve worked with this spirit. I did some searching through this forum and elsewhere online for some basic information about Pazuzu, and I found that he likes to choose his offering.

So during the petition, he showed me he wanted a large bowl of citrus fruits to be left out for him for a week, along with water, a candle and incense. He didn’t specify which candle colour and incense he prefers.

I got the feeling he expects the candle and incense to be kept burning pretty much all the time during the week. (The exception being that I won’t leave candles burning during sleep or when I’m out).

Do you know which colour candles are best for Pazuzu’s offering? And which incense does he like? Do you know of any books or online content that you’d recommend about Pazuzu?

I’ve searched for that info, and cannot find anything about his preferred incense, and associated colours. Not surprising, since someone mentioned there isn’t much info about Pazuzu online. :confused:

Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Well Pazuzu is connected to the storms, when you think of storms what colours come to mind.

Grey, Black, Dark Blue etc.

He’s also known as king of the winds so could use colours connected to air, for example white.

Use those colours, also make a mixture for incense.

This would be a good mixture.

  1. 1/4 dragons blood - This is because Pazuzu is a demonic entity.

  2. 1/4 sage, 1/4 lavender - great combination for air.

  3. 1/4 Frankincense - Frankincense has associations with air, plus frankincense carries aggressive energy so that would carry aggressive side of air which is the wind.

Plus frankincense was given as a offering to Zeus, during the times of great storms, so once again this adds to the storm connection.

  1. A pinch of Cedar - Reason why I suggest that is many individuals who I’ve work with while working with Mesopotamia deity’s have said all the spirits in that pantheon love Cedar.

So combining all these together, while actually awakening the properties in each ingredient by intention, concentration and even a out loud statement like.

" I rouse forth the powers and properties of (Name the incense) to awaken and employ it’s function of (the energy you want to awaken within the incense for example the winds) ".

Breathe on each ingredient passing on prana giving life to each ingredient, add them together.

I’d then charge the batch by performing a consecration on the incense.

For example

" Pazuzu ferious demon of the wind
Hear me, it is I who seek your power
Pazuzu rise through the ancient sands
As the scorching flaming winds of the east
Pazuzu may you’re essence and presence
Descend upon this incense before me,
Infuse it with your power, give it your blessing
Breathe your baneful
and protective breath
Upon it, I consecrate this incense in the heat
And the furious winds of Pazuzu ".

Say this with your hands over the incense, feeling the essence of Pazuzu pass through you, like a channel in invocation.

Pass it through your arms into the incense, keep doing this until it comes alive.
You can then vibrate Pazuzu’s name over the blend to add to the vibrational potency of the incense consecration.

When I do such consecrations, I believe a powerful agent is needing for adding to the power and correctly sealing the power therein.

This can range from blood, to semen to menstarul blood.


Hello there., Thanks for your write up here,. Please i need your help pointing out how to summon/evoke/contact PAZUZU ? Rituals to be involved… Preparations and Sigils as well as ENN. please i surely need his service to deal with a lasting pains from Ex-BOSS/Queen to a king’s son who ruined me… I need her destruction alone and not affect others.

This is his sigil


There’s no enn for him.

And you can just ask him not to harm anyone else but your target.
Note that his energy is very strong and he is not one to fool around. But he is a great ally to the ones he protects.


Thanks alot,. But though i have no intentions of messing with any entitities in my lifetime,. I treat them as sacred and supernatural,. But i wish to know what you mean by not fooling around with him…? Does that mean i should always clear my mind when thinking about him…?
Are you saying there’s more i need to know as prerequisite before contacting him…?

as my definition of not fooling with me as human from other humans are well spelled out ahead,. and that alone often put me in cohesion with alot of people in as much they know my do’s and don’ts earlier…

please help me with explanation of ‘Not messing with him’’

maybe i should not be interrupted during ritual or not been attentive,. and so on that you may know could be detrimental to my physical being,… I don’t want to be transformed into something else yet due to my stupidity when contacting entities,… PLEASE HELP

I simply mean be respectful, be serious and certain for the reason you called him. :slight_smile: He means business.


Many thanks,… I really appreciate your contribution,.

As for respect… Do i need to gesture it with physical situation(Bow down my head)…? or he will notice it himself through my body energy that i regard him alot and have respect,… OR need to say it loud’’ I HAVE RESPECT FOR YOU’…?

You don’t need to bow your head or kneel or say it out loud… Simply be respectful.


Thanks. I ended up using frankincense at first, and then I switched to cedarwood at his suggestion. It all worked out well. :slight_smile:

The color of candles is based on Pazuzu’s intent of what he wants to communicate to you respectfully. For example, I asked him what his favorite color is and he chose lavender, and said it represents a metaphorical engagement with a spirit that he has with him. I’m a pretty sure he also likes deep red (passion)-- with a sweet smell to them. No floral or resin incense though.

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Kendall, not to be rude, but were u learn tis invocation. /about incienses,? Im curios bcse ,a book i have have similar words to wat you post, say. at least u are the author of the book i buy, its similar ,chant, sistem etc. Except for the letters, and sand. Either its a well knw spell in uk,and everyone adat to circumstances. Thanks for sharing

Not being mean. I just wonder, bcse its not well spirt tru we have a few more books now. Open still looking for 1 pazuzu book. In italian. Thsnks so much

Pazuzu Rising is a good audiobook about Pazuzu incuding rituals by Baal Kadmon.

Baal uses 2 black candles with a pazuzu statue in the middle. He uses dragons blood incense. I would post the link but I am not allowed so search baal kadmon on google and go from there.


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Can you share the rest of your invocation of pazuzu? I also use cedar with the Mesopotamian gods. Having another invocation would be great!:grin:

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No there isn’t a demonic enn for him, but there is a Latin chant available and there is a video with this chant and his sigil for those who are interested.

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For anyone who needs to perform an easy exorcism on themselves, to rid themselves of a possessing entity, Pazuzu is a great choice. He can exorcise you while you’re asleep in bed. He’s not just good for protection and attack. :wink:

You will have to ask him to tell you what he wants for payment. Make sure you follow his instructions because he doesn’t take non-payment kindly.


Baal Kadmon know’s his wisdom very well, great magician.