Pathworking with Jormungandr

I had a dream last night that seemed to be an invitation from Jormungandr. Within my dream he actually seemed super sweet and was fond of cracking jokes. He had no real epic plans and said he just wanted to spend time with his family.

I started doing some research and thought it was cool other people here mentioned also experiencing him as sweet

Other than the usual stepping stones of meditation and building an altar researching mythology

I was wondering if anyone had a list of corespondences such as colors and symbols that are associated with him. I found one reference to him being associated with willow trees but that’s it.

And if you have done a pathworking with him what was your experience like? What kind of things did he teach you? What techniques did you employ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers


This is a Norse entity. Read up on him through Heathen sources and try the runes and Norse pagan ways of communicating first.

“Correspondences” such as colors and symbols are western occultism and nothing to do with the Norse ways - it’s best to stick within the traditions of the culture that held that entity high to communicate with them. When you’re good with that, then try mixing in other currents. You’ll have a good baseline to know if it’s working.


Thank you for your response yes I am aware he is norse and I already read runes and have read his norse myths etc

I’m not trying to mix in other currents necessarily but I do find gathering as much information as possible to be useful

Again thank you for your response

I will come back and update this thread as I go on for anyone else interested in working with him I get the feeling he’s not approached or worked with very often


Not him but his brother Fenrir and I are developing a good relationship. Loki’s children are very misunderstood and are quite nice. They are fierce protectors and can offer wisdom beyond what most would expect of them.

I would like to reach out to the Midgard Serpent but I work closely with Thor and draw inspiration from their battle so I’m not sure.


I’ve met Thor and Jormundangr together, I find a bit of the Norse mythos is a bit stretched, Thor and Jormungandr don’t seem to be in such conflict as described. However, I won’t assume to know their personal lives but during my 9 worlds “pathworking” they weren’t really at each other’s throats or disliking of another.



I had the opposite happen where I was curious about Fenrir but since I already work with another wolf god have been hesitant to add another one to the mix. Never really got an invite from him either but I’m not ruling him out down the line.

Just as a general update to this thread.

I evoked Jormungandr after my daily meditation using my own preferred method of galdr. I closed my eyes and told him that I accepted his invitation

I built an altar for him where I included a mini aquatic terrarium thingy my sister made for me it felt appropriate as being symbolic of the sea as well as a tie to my family as in my dream he mentioned family was important to him. I also included a viking joke I wrote down on a card and found online. I feel its appreciated.

Also started a journal for insights and information regarding him.

I found this haven’t finished watching it yet but I know many of his other videos are very informative


They do have correspondence because Freya has color associations and such. So it’s just a matter of looking for it.



After spending an entire day in the presence of Jormungandr I will say that he’s actually incredibly warm calm nurturing patient and grounding. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to do in the future together but he gave me a lot of information to get started.

I would like to add that magic should be from the heart. Let’s not get so stuck in our heads and being purist that we can miss the bigger picture.

I believe Jormungandr to be misunderstood and there are other ways to interpret his battle with Thor. The video I posted above can give you a lot more insight into that and why anyone who works with Thor shouldn’t be afraid to approach him. There may not be as much enmity between them as we have been led to believe.

It is possible Jormungandr represents order and protection not chaos and evil. At least that is how I feel him.

I asked what rune he would like me to associate with him in my personal practice and I pulled laguz which I feel is extremely fitting


Wow so according to this date I have now been pathworking with Jormungandr for 16 days at least and I’ve learned and experienced a lot I’d like to update

First he really is an amazing entity! He’s a bit of trickster but not a malicious one. He likes jokes and likes to play practical jokes but their not mean spirited and there are plenty of tricksters out there that are way more in your face than he is. He might even be a good trickster for people who are afraid of tricksters because of the chaos they typically bring which he seems to lack.

The worst thing he did was make my drinking water smell and taste just like fish.

No thank you

I have a very basic shamanic understanding of the universe where the 3 underworld middleworld and upperworld categories work best for me and it looks like Jormungandr is going to be my middle world or midgard guide from here on out.

He’s been strengthening my body through strengthening my energy centers and has taught me a couple of meditation techniques one I will share a version of on here.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the forum my biggest challenge with astral travel has actually been the opposite of most people where it’s grounding back into my body vs. struggling to get out

This actually isn’t an enviable problem as it can lead to its own set of challenges and Jormungandr helped me figure out this was a result of a near death experience I had when I was 5 years old (Interestingly enough where I almost drowned and Jormungandr is an ocean spirit) He pointed out the result was always being half out of my body (which I knew) which was also the cause of my psychic vampirism (which I did not know)

So through the meditation practice he taught me he helped me ground my energy firmly in my body and completely re organize it. I’ve actually never felt better and my physical senses have actually gotten a heck of a lot sharper. It also restored the second sight I had as a kid but lost out of fear.

He deals a lot with ancestral magick and can share old and forgotten secrets with you. His energy is restorative vs taxing. His voice is quite and gentle. You have to have patience when working with him because he moves slow and goes step by step.

[The Meditation Technique]

This is really to be done as a second part of another meditation that’s very basic. You just work on your chakras by going from the root up to the crown. There are a ton of chakra tuning meditations out there to get you started. Just google or youtube it.

This technique adds on to that

Imagine a wheel made of golden serpents going from your crown chakra down to your root. Each chakra covered with this seal. This acts like a protective armor over your energy centers.

Sounds extremely simplistic because it is but has helped me tremendously never knew I had to seal my chakras vs leave them exposed and it definitely makes a difference

If you’d like some background ambience to go along with this I’ll share the “Jormungandr norse ambience” for you

Which yeah apparently exists and I like to have it on when I work with him


I just had an encounter with him and your gnosis matches mine perfectly. I’d go as far to say that his presence is very beneficial for one’s mental health

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I haven’t worked with Jormungandr but I have worked with his wolf brother Fenrir. Jormungandr is like the Oruboros of the Norse myth

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Glad to hear that! I think that’s a great way of describing it and its interesting you say that because I’ve been working on a lot of mental health related issues and I feel Jormungandr helped me process a lot of things

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Are you sure it was him ?


For myself I will say I am sure of the spirit.

I go through my own process of figuring out a spirit’s identity and while some are trickier than others to figure out I’ve become pretty confident in it over the years

But I still think its possible someone else could come along and experience him in a completely different way

But for myself I’m always more surprised by the consistency of the spirits

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