Pathworking Initiation Into Hermetics

I’m starting Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. I’ve been on the forum for a few months now, and I feel like it’s time to commit to a defined path and stick with it. I’m tired of seeing myself move between systems. I know Initiation Into Hermetics is not easy, nor will I be able to zip through it, but I am prepared for this. Excellency has a cost, and I am willing to pay it (preferably with coupons).

I plan to document my experiences, thoughts, ramblings, etc, with the steps and exercises in the book here. I may also write of related practices outside the book.

When necessary or prudent I will be making some modifications or embellishments to the exercises. Outside of this I intend to follow the praxis outlined in the text as closely as possible to reap the intended effect. Also, I acquired Rawn Clark’s A Bardon Companion and Backdoor into Hermetics by Mark Rasmus as supplementary works for IIH.

I start tomorrow. Here goes nothing.


Ooh! Once I get through Robert Bruce’s astral dynamics and new energy system I want to get into iih seeing as alot of people have reported great things! Well be watching this closely!


Step 1

Alright. Today I’ll discuss my take on step 1, give a report on my initial impressions, plus whatever else I ramble about. I don’t think I’ll update this journal every day like I tried to with my previous one.

Mental - Thought Control

Not much explanation needed. It takes me from just observing my thoughts to keeping a quiet mind for 10 minutes. I did observation of thoughts this morning. I really identify with my mental voice too much. That said, this morning when I started observing my thoughts they slowed down significantly. I didn’t expect this. Throughout the exercise I noticed that my thoughts build up a pressure that announces their arrival in a way. It’s totally weird. This was beneficial, I can see how I’ve neglected this :frowning: It felt so good to get a break from the monkey inside.

Astral - Soul Mirrors

Three days ago I thought the soul mirrors were physical. I’ve come a long way. In essence, it’s just introspection, with me writing down everything good or bad about me. Everything positive is written in the white mirror of the soul, and everything negative in the black mirror.

Physical - routine and programming substances with desire

For this I just have to keep a beneficial routine, physical exercise would be good too. Also, I’m supposed to program stuff with intention.

Resistance, and other thoughts

My subconscious doesn’t seem to like change. I’m not sure if this is apophenia, but this morning some obstacles popped up that almost prevented me from getting started with the book. It was highly suspicious. It takes me all this effort to manifest stuff and then my subconscious just pulls some roadblocks out of its ass overnight. If so, I applaud it for its wasted effort. I am continuing undeterred.

Upon reading the book more closely, I can see why it’s important to do it as is and not skip steps. I could not have started this book five months ago, I wouldn’t be mature enough to do it in order.

Franz Bardon says his book was written for the “busiest man”. I don’t fit that description. I’m a senior in high school, and I spend only 2 hours a day in school because I took all the required classes early. I have lots of time. I’m putting IIH first, but I’ll likely be supplementing it with my own stuff.

I’ll continue my energy work. Also, for the last month I’ve worked with Bualu and Ublisi from the Angels of Omnipotence book. I’m moving on with just Bualu because I got Jareth Tempest’s attunement for him, and I need willpower and self control more than anything else. I still haven’t activated my attunement to Metatron from Jareth Tempest, so I should do that soon, since Metatron seems like he would be good for this.

I’m thinking of making a custom subliminal for some of the steps, specifically the mental aspects of step 2 and 3. I had great success with the Concordia Booster, but I’m currently taking a break from listening to subliminals.

Final Thoughts

My spring break starts next week so I may update after that.

As a random thought, I skimmed the Key to the True Kabbalah by Franz Bardon. I wonder if Enochian could be used like that? Is there a way to unlock the full power of it? I guess I’ll find out one day. I close with this quote which is especially pertinent to me now.

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”
Master Oogway


He was originally going to use Armenian runes, thats your clue. He didn’t, because in his point of view, they were stained. Hitler and stuff I can’t go in detail.

Wise decision.


One last thing.


Yes, I’m using my discernment, I could always use a reminder not to download any limiting beliefs from him.

Do you know if what he says later in the book about astral projection is true? He says you’ll die instantly if touched. Might he be confusing the astral body with the energy body/ whatever is projected during NDE? I’m pretty sure people won’t die if they’re touched during a NDE.


I never read those parts tbh. I read as I progress, I am very old headed in my approach. You should ask this to Robert Bruce.




What I can tell you from working with his system, and I did not progress fast yet, is that you will become powerful. But and there is the huge BUT there are guarding spirits that protect and govern this work at least in my experience. Maybe I was not advanced enough during what I would describe as my first astral traveling but as I advanced through the spheres and left earth, I found myself surrounded by grey mist and two yellow eyes were starring at me and telling me that I was not ready yet and dragged me down to my “normal” body again and it literally felt like dying- I was depleted of my energy three days after this experience.

Still I would encourage you to make your own experiences and take my words as well as everybody else’s with a grain of salt in the magical community. What happened to me must not happen to you and vice versa.

Best of luck in your adventures and take your time.

One last thing German practitioners reported that some editions of the book were corrupted by the publisher and that you should stick to the content of the first edition published in Czech and German because other versions might have been nudged to much to fit into the occult mainstream and are missing key exercises- again I do not know how much truth is in there because I practice with a first edition and never acquired a different one but it is something to be aware of.


True, Czechhermetics and Lumir Bardon, his son, are working on a translation that is directly taken from Czech version of the book currently. But its not THAT big of a problem.

A quick example: Its not fluid condenser, its actually fluidic condenser.


Hmm I bought IIH a few weeks ago but haven’t touched it since.Your post makes me wanna give it a read now. Im so backlogged on books. Hahah

Keep it up! Very interesting stuff. ^^


I’ve returned. This will likely be the last update until after my spring break’s over.

Thought Control

I achieved mastery in the first exercise today. I now move on to focusing on the present moment for 10 minutes. I really neglected this in my normal magickal practice, and I find it quite enjoyable to finally get some peace in my head.

Soul Mirrors

I made the black mirror of the soul. Thank goodness all that stuff Christians said in the middle ages isn’t true, otherwise I would be blind and get dragged down to hell for all my impurities. To be frank, I didn’t really feel that bad about it while making it, I was just a detached observer the whole time. Of course I’m not aiming to be a “true magician” as Bardon says.

Physical stuff, programming substances, etc

Nothing earth-shattering going on here. My water is just 1% better than usual.

Other Stuff

Rawn Clark says that you should aim for a total “positivization” of your major negative character traits by the end of step 4. I’m not taking this like it’s set in stone but I understand the need to master my mind and eliminate flaws.

What I find funny is that I’ve thought about the need to get rid of major character flaws before. Every time I did I was like “That’ll take forever, no thanks”, and I didn’t do anything.

Now, I’m like, eliminate(or improve on) all my major negative character traits in a few months?

That’s all.


My personal advice: Eliminate at least one addiction (if you have) by the point you reach step four.

It is about developing the will, and you will need a fuckton of it.



Step 1


I’m cruising along. I’ve finished the second exercise and now move on to the one where you have to keep your mind on a specific thought.

This has been beneficial in too many ways for me to enumerate them all here. It’s got me thinking, do I really see the world around me? How often do I actually perceive consciously and become aware in my physical form in the now?


I’m still working on my negative soul mirror. I am taking Vandheer’s advice and I plan to eliminate one addiction before step 4.


I’ve been experimenting with power pyramids along with the programming physical objects procedure Barron wants the magician to experiment with. The pyramid is meeting my expectations, water charged in it tastes good and seems to vitalize me. I’m not looking to get tricked by the placebo effect so I’m going to run an experiment with a much more scientific procedure to see if the pyramid actually does anything. I may post my results, procedure and other relevant information to the forum.

Other thoughts

I’m thankful that I decided to start IIH, it’s brought me some much needed stability, along with a hopefully clearer path to adepthood.



Step 1

I’m almost done with step 1.


Today I finished the third exercise, focusing on one thought. I couldn’t think of any sufficiently deep to choose as a thought so I just chose the chicken from Skyrim.


I finished my black mirror of the soul and will be starting the positive soul mirror tomorrow. I started following @Vandheer’s advice to eliminate one addiction. I intended to wait until step 2 to start but things played out differently and possibly for the better. I’m replacing the negative behavior with semen retention. So far, I’ve made it much longer than I ever have before.


More of the same.

Other thoughts

Yesterday I made a subliminal for steps 1 and 2 since they’ll take long enough for me to get results from using a subliminal. I might listen to it at some point but I’m sort of tired of listening to subs.


“So I just chose the chicken from Skyrim.” Lmao I’ll absolutely be following this journal.

I wish you success on your journey



Today is my last entry for step 1. To be frank, I did not think I would ever be able to work consistently at something for more than a week before this.


I am on the last exercise, focus on emptiness of thought. I must “think the thought of no thought” as the koan supposedly goes. I can go for several minutes at a time with an empty mind. I’m enjoying this one too. This practice will be carried on throughout the rest of the book.

I’m doing the positive soul mirror.

No change with this.

Other thoughts

With the help of a friend I’m working on revising my whole life using the law of assumption so that will probably affect my work with this, in a positive way.

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I was wrong. Maintaining emptiness is harder than expected, therefore I will continue with step 1 until I’ve absolutely mastered this exercise. I can’t build a pyramid with a small foundation.

I don’t have any updates for the aspects of the step one, things have been continuing as usual.

Random Thoughts:

The first 4 months of my journey into spirituality were taken mostly alone, now I’ve started to find friends. None of them are IRL, but I benefit from interacting with them. It’s interesting how when the student is ready the teacher appears.

I joined an online group of IIH practitioners. One member there had completed IIH. They said it took them 4 years to complete steps 1 - 9, and 2 years for step 10.

When I heard this I was like “only 4 years?”. Hopefully this means I have the right mindset lol.


If I came to learn one thing about Bardons book, that is, never EVER speak for certain when it comes to his books. Universe will deliver a ‘lol no’ without hesitation.

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You can speed up the process tremendously by using self hypnosis, given that you know how to enter a deep trance by yourself :slight_smile:

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