Path to power

I evoked an Archangel and he told me to follow my path to power. Where do I start? I’ve got meditation in mind but is there more? What does path to power mean?

Hard to say: it’s your path and you’re the one already on it.

I would suggest continuing with the meditation and read around the subject. Ask the universe, or that entity, to bring your best info to you through synchronicity. Then follow what comes.

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How do I ask the universe? Telepathically or ritual performing?

A way may be that of practicing the Pentagram Ritual on this basis:

EA in this article views the practice from a power-oriented perspective; and it may be interesting to buy either the book or the course related to the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis.
I’d suggest also to take an object, think or say “A pencil is here, it has this form, these colors”, will its existence and features, in short recreate it.