Path of smoke Questions once again

  1. In the Path of Smoke, there needs to be candles burning 24/7, and my problem with this is that for some weird reason, within maybe 6 hours, 3 pillar candles just damn fing vanished when I didn’t look at them. Any idea what this could mean?

  2. I don’t get the word dark staot. Is it a kind of dark power? or a dark aura that brings about transformation in you and the world around you?

Most likely, the candle burned down fast because the wick wasn’t fully centered, or the wax was too soft for the wick and burned up. If it happens repeatedly with different candle brands then I’d suspect supernatural effects. As not all of them did it I’d look for mundane causes.

Once is nothing, twice a coincidence, three times a pattern.

The dark staot is basically a litany. It’s a kind of prayer. A “dark” prayer. lol

More on here about that:


I see but well, it happens regularly with different candle brands. But the main candle brand i use always burned for 7h- 10h i ordered candles that burn for 9-10 days to keep the flame lit at all times but it´ll take a while till they arrive.

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