Path Of Smoke - Group Working For The Zanda's ( Black Magick Of Ahriman )

I’m aware of a few Zanda’s in this forum, i’m forming a group workings and a group of practice and discussion upon the path of smoke and working through the BMOA, i know @Dinmiatus Works in this system, hopefully there are more of you out there.

So what you say ?, ready to blow the lid on this bitch, it’s about time us Zanda’s came together and spread the goal of counter creation in a huge fashion.



Pitching my hat into the ring. Pleasure to join ye :wink:

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Welcome brother :love_you_gesture:t2:

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Hi there I have the book and I’d like to join. :smiley: Although I have yet to immerse myself completey into the current, I’d happy to be a part of a focused group. :+1:


Of course even better if you’re just starting out, welcome aboard.


I’m still in the beginning stages myself so its all good


Okay once the numbers tally up just a bit we’ll start a group chat.


Thank you a quick question have you created the altar urn yet? And if so how did you find the living sacrifice? Over here in scandinavia it’s pretty much impossible unless it’s spring.

You can buy a snake. But thats only for the nexion if I remember right

Awsome! Thanks for having me.

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No problem! Yeah the altar just requires bone powder and grave yard dirt, and dirt from a lightning struck tree

The snake is indeed for the nexion, I have just about every ingredient except lightning struck dirt, and the snake. The graveyard dirt was easy to get hold off. Do you only have sacrifice the snake once and not get another because I don’t remember if it said you have to feed the urn once a week, with your blood only or if you need to get another one to keep the nexion empowered and growing?

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The blood one a week is for the blackened fire, not the urn, and that is your blood.

The Nexion is the higher step of the altar so don’t worry about it straight away.

And do what I did for the dirt, brawl Thor :wink:

What if you don’t have the book?

You can also use earth empowered with gemstones or from a nexus point of leylines.
Plotting Religious sites is one way to map out leylines.


I may be able to throw my hat in the ring. I have a suspison things aee about to get busy with Aighash. Been preparing to create the evocation fetish and the venom.

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I have the book as well and would like to join, I’m not very far into yet. I just collected some grave dirt today, dont know if I will be able to find a tree struck by lightning though.

Ahriman teaching me in possession how to become total darkness.


the exercise give in page 89 is it the circle counter creation ?

Hey is this still open?