Journey of becoming Darkness incarnate - Ahriman's opened a new path for me

Last night i summoned Ahriman, with the help of my fiance i managed to do a possession and my fiance documented Ahriman’s dialogue, i asked him about becoming darkness, how to have all the power’s he has and how to be total darkness eternal. This would be complete spiritual progress having the powers of darkness in my hands even manipulating darkness beyond the confines of Umbrakinesis ( The kinetic ability to control mold and consume darkness ).

Here is ahriman’s dialogue.

" To become total darkness you must destroy the limitation of self,
you must take all the false light within you and blacken it,
blackening the chakra’s isn’t enough, blackening thee aura isn’t enough,
you must also blacken the heart and blacken the soul also, you must take from my darkness,
by consuming my blood.
You shall take the darkest wine before you, within it shall be your own blood,
you must repeat the littany of the black sun over it, see and house the powers of darkness eternal
in to it.
Before drinking of the nectar you must accept the darkness,
this will create a alchemical transfusion and a alchemical process of self will be under way.
After the rite is performed invoke and continue to invoke darkness into you everyday
for a while to aid the transformation, my queen Az Jahi and the Druj spirits of death,
will place you upon the altar, Conner Kendall you are my sacrifice.

You must be placed upon the altar as no offering or sacrifice is greater than the self,
when you give yourself as a sacrifice, you sacrifice your souls weakness and the Druj Nasu
will feast upon your weakness and tare away all that you are,
leaving only the darkness of self, then the true transformation shall begin.
This is a prayer, my prayer that i give to you


Feel eternal darkness enter you as you speak these evil words, call me in total darkness,
for i am within you, you must realize that i am within you,
you should rouse me from the self.
To be one with damnation is to be one with the self,
take your chakras and blacken them, take your soul and blacken it,
you shall not only become a scale upon the three headed dragon,
but you are your own becoming, for no god is greater than yourself,
bow before none not even me.

Relish in your own darkness complete these steps and you shall gain what you seek,
you shall be darkness eternal as you once were in the void,
allow the serpents to whisper in your ears to insite their madness
they are the voices of your head accept them for what they are,
do not fear what you will become.

Fear is weakness to fear yourself is to fear the dissolving of light and limitation,
become darkness for it has already become you.
I shall now leave for i have spoken my will and my will is done. "