Path of smoke experiences

Hey! Currently absorbing all the details about the path of smoke and once the book is fully read, I shall then attempt to walk the path of smoke!

I know it won’t be easy so I am wondering if any here who has walked or currently is walking the path… about their experiences?

On a side note, I had a dream where this big figure of a man? appeared, then I noted he had a spider tattooed on his forehead. Not sure who he is but thought I would add that.

Thanks and all the best

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I and including @Dinmiatus have walked this path and still do.

Check the search function for posts I’ve made about the path of smoke and many other forum members have posted too.

Welcome to the Zanda Brotherhood.

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what book are you reading?

Well the path of smoke.

So I’d say ‘Black Magickal Of Ahriman - Demons, Spells and Rites of Persia’.

Kurtis Joseph is the author.


I’ve posted a few of my experiences and some rituals in this section they can be found with the search function as well.

You can also find some of the insights i got from one of the divs here.

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Thanks guys, I’ll be sure to read your posts concerning the path of smoke!

As the author I will say this… DODODODO! Action. Do the work and stick with it. If you perform the work to the best of your ability the initiations and empowerments will flow, albeit through trials.