Past life abilities

I think given how vast existence is everyone at one point or another lived a life as someone historically popular be it some wrote down in history, wrote out of history/or attempted to (like Egypt with one of their female Pharaohs) be it in human history or other beings history. However, lives that left a mark are of course going to be remembered first then boring lives, I was a significant female in one of my lives but my significance was only to my tribe, I was significant in my egyptian life to my family but I am unnamed in human history even though I died in war/an ambush.

So significance is pretty relative, though I do know that belief, personally I am more to the idea that past lives were once you, but the energy that lingers from that death can still be around, by this I mean if you were to be human in say the 70s, died and back here now, you go to to your grave, your energy could still be lingering there, or if you were murdered then there’s probably some residual energy from where you were killed, especially if it affected you negatively.


Through gnosis. No one truly knows who they are until they look deep within. The Gnostics believed this as a divine spark within everyone and how meditation and gaining this knowledge about yourself makes you become aware of this spark

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“People assume that time runs on a line but actually, time is more like this big ball of…wibbly wobbly…Timey Wimey. Stuff”


Yeah, I’ve gotten snippets of my past life and what I did. Oddly enough, most of the clips end with me dying in a war or conflict with others. Guess I fancied that lifestyle.


I take this as “we live simultaneously with our past lives in different planes of existence and every experience transports through all” . Please correct me if I’m wrong.


No, it means you and your “past” lives all exist here and now, on this plane of existence. You are you now, typing on a cell phone or computer, but you are also the soldier dying on the Plains of Abraham, and the Hebrew slave in Egypt, and the priest of Tiamat in Sumer. You are living all lives at once.

It is only the meat between your ears that winnows everything down to a single point of awareness, mainly as a way to keep you focused for physical survival.

Think of it like each consciousness is a prism through which the totality of the Greater You shines through and is split into each distinct existence.

That is the way I understand it anyway, without hurting my brain lol

I’m not saying it is correct, only that it is a theory of time that makes sense to me.


Oh great thanks, now I get it. :+1:t2:


That sounds cool. What was your method of finding those memories?

My spirits showed me. They made me literally travel through the past in my dreams. I fell from this sort of Matrix of tubes with I assume people of memories in them. I remember falling so fast that the wind was hitting my skin hard, that and the sound of wind fighting against me as I fell. I arrived through a portal into what I assume was Europe judging by the farmland and landscape. Chased a couple of suspicious guys probably robbing someone. They shot me in the face, so I assume I did instantly. That was all I remember from that. Sorry for the long reply, lol.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

If you think yours was a long reply, probably shouldn’t read most of my multi paragraph posts. They’re novels but I like to think worth the read. :wink:


Not all past lives are built the same. I remember running away from home at the age of 9 in ancient Rome. There were to many mouths to feed.

Collected shit from the street and made patties that housewives loved to use for fuel. Plus, I helped to keep the city clean.

I loved it for the absolute freedom I had. No one bothered me for how badly I smelled, and they quickly learned I was full of shit that I would it use on them.

The wives fed me and gave me anything I needed. It was pretty sweet life until I hit 14 or 15 of age.


I hope to visit my akashic records and review all of them.
Can I view them all in one projection trip?

I don’t do that way. They are like any memory you have from this lifetime. I see it and feel it is all. I can hear it sometimes too.

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I have actually not done much work in the past life regression department. Until recently, I was not very much inclined to the reincarnation belief in general to be honest. The most i have gotten was a brief scene of a battle i was fighting in a small town (looked like around the forties due to the clothing of the other soldier’s uniforms) and took a shot at a target that was difficult to make normally, with the faint whisper of “eagle eye” towards the end. It’s funny as that was my father’s nickname for me growing up for my sharp awareness of small details. There are other periods of history that I feel a pull to as well. Might have to explore that more.


Baal gave me a vision of one of my past lives, I lived in a cave with group, we would throw a giant party in his honor and women were supposed to get pregnant in the fall and spend the winter pregnant. Those parties were intense.

My second one is more of a parallel life where there are different balconies of the highest are the most powerful or close to the most powerful and I’m in the one below that, while they talk to their legions, wearing a grey ball gown.

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I was in Rome in some point I believe, fought for the Roman Empire as a soldier. That already tells me a bit about my class in society. I was definitely privileged to some degree.

It doesnt require you to project, your akashic records are within you, not in some far off magickal plane thats supposedly some big library. You can view them until you’re tired, if you lived a lot of lives it’s unlikely you’ll be able to process them all in one go. You pick a life, analyze it thoroughly and go to the next or you skim them and learn nothing but surface shit.


Do you think one life per session is better?

If that works for you. However, not everyone has a lot of past lives or any, for some this is their first time choosing to reincarnate.


How about between incarnations? Can you see those?