Parental Control

I am a teenager living with my parents. They treat me like a kid and won’t let me go out even though I am almost 20. I try to explain to them but they shut me up.
I want them to let me live my life the way I want.
Is there any spirit that can help me be free from parental control?


You are the spirit. Walk out, and on your own. Stand tall and leave that nest baby bird.

Getting out on your own will be the biggest pain in the ass you experience. But with hardship, comes confidence and wisdom.

Worst case scenario: youre homeless for a bit until you make things work. The bright side of that, is that you learn how resilient you truly are, and gain a deeper appreciation and snap out of the first world problem mindset.

You have the strength to do whatever you want. We’re sleeping gods. What you need is conviction. Try looking into your higher self, the research by itself may help you.


If you can, try to use someone like King Paimon or King Asmodeus to help use either manipulate them or break their hold on you.

King Paimon is an Air King and FANTASTIC as FUCK at manipulating people.

King Asmodeus governs the initiation to action, which includes BREAKING ALL EXTERNAL CONSTRAINTS ON YOUR ABILITY TO ACT!


Remember, it’s better to receive the support of your family if your family is not strict than it is to be out on the streets and have to devote more of your time to working than to magick.

Your family is a precious resource to help you survive, don’t discount it. Work with them and try to get them to see differently using magick. You have the tools to do so.


You are living under their roof, so you are subject to their rules. You are still, technically, a kid.

They are well within their rights to set boundaries for you if you are living in their home. If you want to “live your life as you want to,” then act like an adult and, as @DormiensDei said, walk out on your own and start paying your own bills.

As family, it is highly unlikely they are charging you rent, as would be required if you weren’t living with your parents so you have a choice; either move out, or follow their rules.

While using a being like King Paimon to manipulate your parents can work in the short term, there can be blow back. People you are close to can feel when they are being manipulated and it can cause suspicion and distrust.

I think you would be better served with a honey jar, to “sweeten” their attitude towards you and maybe lessen their restrictions. That way, you will still keep the good thing you have going, while having a bit more freedom without facing the possibility of being evicted.


Learn and apply Magick NOW!
You don’t need anything except commitment. Start with Sigils and chanting, then learn a Banishing ritual. When you’ve got a banishing under your belt, try an evoking. You can do all this without anyone knowing. OK, what about the I Ching, Runes (make your own from wood) or Taro?

Then there’s the Appendices in Michael Aquino’s masterpiece The Church of Satan. There’s enough there for a few lifetimes. So what’s stopping you? Realistically assess your circumstances and either change or work within those.

P.s. What’s stopping you is your own worst enemy - you. This is a realisation, early on our path.


Thanks. I think I will work with King Paimon.

Okay Thanks

Thanks a lot


Best answer! And call Belial, Bethor, Bune’, etc. to help you get your finances in order so you can move.


I am a student.
I just need help to be free from parental control.

You can do both my friend, dont limit yourself. Time constraints suck, however there are more ways to get money and freedom than a typical job.

Sidenote: i saw a thread on here earlier for a spirit that assists in concealing or shifting the focus away from you

Edit: spirit by the name of Zagan

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Okay thanks. I will work with that also.

You can’t “have your cake and eat it too”! You’re under your parents’ roof, you depend on them for everything.

What “freedom” are you actually wanting. If it’s you coming/going and treating their place like a hotel, your parents have every right to make rules, some of which you might not like.

If you don’t agre with what your parents say, move out if you can support yourself.


Lol, I dont want to turn their place into a hotel. Just want to visit my close friends… Not even everyday. Just once a while and for a short time. But they only allow me out of the house when they send me on errands.

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Oh dear, that sounds like it could be abusive. I have a feeling I have an idea what you mean. Is it just they give you grief for socializing or do they physically block the door and/or take your keys, etc?

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Yes they physically lock the doors and threaten to beat me if I try to open it.

@Lord_Raven, oh fuck, I’m so sorry. I’ve had similar experiences. I’m going to assume they won’t allow you to get a job (this is called “financial abuse,” btw), to further their control over you. Do you live in the USA?

No. I live in Nigeria