Parasitic Demonic Dead

There are three that I can see. They’re deceased humans who were transformed into demonic entities. I have this snippet of information from a talented tarot reader who is also a necromancer. Too expensive for me to afford to hire her to deal with them on my behalf.

The problem is, they like this world so they go around finding people with weaknesses and insecurities, and bit by bit they whittle these people down to basically worms, and then use their psychic energy and magickal power to create conflict through magickal and psychic attacks.

I’m resisting their attempts to use my energy and power for their own purposes, but they are making my life a living hell.

I’m still healing from trauma, and my root chakra is badly damaged. I can’t heal it effectively because my energy levels are low, I’m swamped by the emotional drama caused by these entities, and I’m exhausted. they create a lot of problems and they like to sabotage any working that doesn’t fit their needs. I’m feeling pretty weak in myself, plus they’ve been dripping poison in my mind, weaking my sense of self. I’m finding it very hard to work with my usual spirits because of this, plus there’s a bad atmosphere around me and in my home.

I’ve tried destroying them via Asaruludu and the spider queen - it worked with a couple of them but there are three here, and one of them is particularly strong. I’ve tried making peace with them and it worked with some, but these three are particularly nasty and cruel and it’s making it hard for me to make peace with them. Also there’s a lot of deception and I can’t quite work out what’s really going on.

I’m not sure what else to do.


I sent a P. M.

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I’m actually trying to increase poltergeists send them my way lol but not with malevolent intent please :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:

The Parasites 101 thread has a lot of different ideas.
My goto tool is fire and Samael is a strong resource.


They are pretty malicious.

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Never mind then seems it would create more problems than fill in my solution

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evoke or pray to Kali, evoke or pray to Lucifer, or evoke Satan


Thanks for the suggestions.

Turns out two of them are bound by spells, so I’m looking into breaking these spells.

What are your favourite ways of breaking spells?

Archangel Michael will destroy any harmful spell, EA actually did a ritual for someone else involving Michael to break a curse a coven was putting on the person, Michael kicked ass and let them have it


You can transmute and transfer that enchantment in a stone picked up at the crissroads and once done throw it in a river

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I will send you a ritual.Check your inbox.

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Ok, so now I’m left with two of them, and they have this “mother” spirit with them. They’ve been calling their associates too to come and try to make me “work” for them but as always, I resist doing it.

The rest of them were destroyed.

What I’ve done is, I’ve called on Papa Legba to close all roads to the Dead, except for when I need to summon Santa Muerte or Papa Ghede, as these are the spirits of the Dead I mainly work with. then I called on Papa Ghede to keep these roads from reopening, stating that the only time the Dead are permitted in my reality on this side of the veil is when I summon the deities I like to work with, with full intention, knowledge, and understanding. That’s cleared up a lot of the parasitic Dead problem, and it’s stopped the issue I was having with a few people sending the Dead to attack me.

But the ones I’m still having to deal with are very much still with me being a pain in my butt, because one of them possessed me whilst resisting exorcism, and the other attached himself to a memory when he learned that I wouldn’t leave the door open for him to return after closing the roads to the Dead.

They are claiming they’re charging me for “work” they did for me, which is tricky. Firstly, I petitioned Santa Muerte to ensure that none of these spirits were able to perform any tasks for me because they have a habit of assuming that everything I want done is their work to do, and in the past they used to just go off and do the thing I was thinking of tasking, say, Lucifer, or Azazel, or some deity with. They particularly enjoy anything baneful, and until recently, I had to fend off a nasty attacker who had been on my back for about a year. And they like to find people to use as gophers (like I described in my OP), so I’ve had to fend some of these off too. I’ve made it super clear many times that they are forbidden from doing any kind of work for me, so they do know, but they like to plead ignorance. I refused to pay them because I told them they were not permitted to do “work” for me, and they still went and did it without my knowledge, and secondly, it’s because of the deception. I warned them that if they carried on with this behaviour, knowing my wishes, they would not get paid. I also told them that I didn’t work with shades and soulless shells directly, I always work through legit deities like Santa Muerte, Papa Ghede, etc.

The only energy they’ll take to stay on this side of the veil are toxic emotions. Knowing this, and of course, caring for myself, I’ve been doing a lot of healing on myself, releasing the toxic emotions that existed within me. But, they’ll stir the pot, or access past memories, and things like that to stir up fresh toxic emotions. They don’t want food offerings. They only want my mental energy, my toxic emotions, and access to other people who are magickally skilled, but are otherwise unconscious to whatever degree.

I need to exorcise the one within me, and he’s being a bugger to exorcise for some reason. If he’s still with me when I have the cash, I’ll hire someone skilled enough to remove him, but I don’t want to wait until then. Apart from Santa Muerte and Papa Ghede, do you know which spirits are excellent at exorcising the Dead, but will also resist the shades’ and their gophers’ attempts to override my authority, and resist banishment? Or even making them behave while I figure out a solution?

I’m thinking maybe Belial or Satan (for some reason, Satan came to mind)… I know I have a strong connection to Belial, and he has a necromantic side to him, but I’ve never gone to him for exorcism. And I don’t know Satan well.