Ive been feeling something attach to my spiritual body at certain points. How do i get rid of astral parasites?


The ceremonial magician will recommend banishings. The priest will recommend exorcisms.

I have personally found DMT to be extremely useful in severing unwanted entity attachments, but set & setting are paramount, as well as changing one’s environment and habits afterward in order to prevent reattachment.


Sage, salt


I mean, I’ve torn energy out of them to show them not to mess with me. It really depends on HOW you want to handle it


It started to be more obvious once i started soul traveling. Feeling pain in areas of my body like dull suction cups from a vaccuum.


You may find this useful.

:point_up:Havent tried this ine myself but other have gotten good results with it.

Banishing and cleansing with the elements can help also. Kinda like burning and dissolving leeches.

Fumigating yourself and your living space with a any of these by themselves or in combination with the intent to purge that which hinders you can move the forces of fire and air to cleanse and banish.
sage,cinnamon,frankincense or dragons make sure to have a window or door open when ya do this so the energy you are banishing as a way to flow out of the dwelling.

And you can make your own holy water to banish and cleanse with water and earth. Just be sure to vacuum or sweep up the area a few hours to a day later. With earth and water you are binding negative energy and banishing the nasties that may be hiding.

Video below goes through the how to, channel is also a treasure trove of knowledge. Uncle birch knows his stuff :+1:

Have used both methods above myself with great success. I did a full house cleansing twice a year. Gonna be shifting that to once a quarter this year.