Parasites or something else?

I seem to have a lot of angry energy round about
People will seem to argue with me or block me for no reason etc even if i try to plead with them
Also someone attacked me a few weeks ago out of nowhere too

All plans for going anywhere always fall through
Its like my friends do not wanna be around me
Is there something bad attached to me?

It’s possible. How is your spiritual hygiene?

Do you practice regular banishings and/or cleansings?

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Only cleansings and curse removals

It could be but at the same time, look into the energy of your place. It might not not so much personal, as the land having old or unbalanced energy causing issues. From ghosts to old cemeteries to angry Fae, or the cumulative energy of a lot of people clogging up the place and needing a good cleansing too.

Maybe try also cleansing your living space, from bedroom to whole floor to whole building to block to town.

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Thank you i will try that out

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