Parasites blocking magick?

If you cast a spell on someone or petition something that involves another person would it be possible that the spell/ petition wouldn’t get through if they had parasites?
Just like when the one casting a spell, if they have parasites their spells and such wouldn’t work.
How do you get rid of someone’s parasites?


I did a little research but I can’t find anything… maybe try asking on of the higher ups on the site like these guys Leader badge on Become A Living God.

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If you’re talkin about spirit parasites then if you curse the person they’re definitely gonna take advantage and empower it but if it’s gonna be something that’ll benefit the person then they’re going against it

With love spells I’d say it depends on the spirit itself wether it’ll take advantage or not

But if you mean physical parasites then you’ll have to get a doc and an occultist to debate on this :+1:

With spirit parasites just send a big boy like Belial after it or just do some banishing :ok_hand:


This wouldn’t generally be my first suspect with a failed. Depending on how much experience you have in your practice it could be a simple cause of your will not being able to overpower the other persons. This is why this type of magick can be some of the most difficult.

When you bring the will of another living being into the mix a whole slew of other factors come into the mix such as

  1. Are they a strong will or stubborn individual?
  2. Are they protected? Examples include protection from personal protection as a result of their faith in their religion which can result in the ritual of thay religion becoming a protection ritual of its own. Ancestral protection, protections from the souls spiritual guides, protections set up by their higher self.

These are not all of them but it is a few.

  1. are they a practitioner themselves?
  2. Did you put enough time, power and work into the ritual. From what i have learned even a basic influence ritual can take at least 30-50 minutes of CONSTANT targetted focus starting out if it’s for one person. 10-20 minimum once you’ve gotten used to some of the shifts in mind and energy that occur.
  3. Is your mind suitably detached from the ritual or are you lusting after results? If you find yourself consistently fretting over it and questioning if the ritual worked you are simultaneously latching onto all the energy you built up to influence the person and polluting it with all the mixed thoughts and emotions around your doubt.

The target then gets hit with this mixed powder keg and you get mixed or no results as a manifestion.


That would not be my first question either but I was wondering if it still would be possible.

I usually think about those question you wrote and it’s not that I think that my spells aren’t working which I believe they would and are in progress right now I just wanted to see if there’s a possibility of parasites blocking my magic so that they won’t go through to him and also I know he’s stubborn but I’ve always been more stubborn. Also if he does have parasites I would like to get rid of them


There are Some ways to know if parasites are fucking with you or someone you know. Give me a few mins to write an article and I’ll tag you in it

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I’m trying to help him. I do believe that he’s figting my magick but without it he fights me instead

It isn’t as simple as who is more stubborn it is a matter of who has more willpower. Overcoming someones freewill sounds simple on paper. Doesn’t mean it is easy to do.

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Eagerly waiting on this article of yours.

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It’s out.

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it’s called Parasites 101


There ya go

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Yeah I understand that