Parasite under skin

I have tried a lot of things to get rid of this parasite which i thought left a while ago after a ritual i did. Turns out it didn’t leave and i have tried cleansing, banishing and a lot other ritual but nothing worked.

Found this thread today Darkness and Side Effects of It

I had exactly the same symptoms so the parasite is probably a worm under my skin but i can’t find any way to remove it. (Tried using the sun’s energy to burn it, when i did that it just started to drain my energy a lot faster than before and i became extremely tired in about 3 minutes.

So about 10 years ago now I managed to get myself in a world of shit.

Like lawyers telling me “You’re going to prison…for 3-5 years” world of shit.

Stressful stuff.

I kept my act together though with bills to pay and all that.

Workin the 9-5, working through the process…getting my affairs in order…yada yada.

Well…I kept feeling these…bugs… in my hairline, crawling on my face and the back of my neck.

I looked it up…mites…I had GD mites!


Not only was I goin to the joint, but now I had fkn mites too?!

So I bought the shampoo…fumigated the house…threw away my bedding and had the mattress specially cleaned.

Spotless…mite free.


That night I laid down in bed…the little bastards were back!

This time they were all over me.

Climbing up my nose in my ears…holy shit man!

I ran in the kitchen, grabbed a can of Raid and sprayed my entire body down…sat for a few minutes and then went into the shower and scrubbed myself raw.

It didn’t help…

They were under my skin…they had to be…I could still feel them.

They couldn’t be mites then…some parasite?

Shit…what could it be?

I gotta go to the doc…this is drivin me batshit.

So I did…i explained everything…the shampoo…the fumigation…even the Raid…I needed my blood tested.

Yeah…they tested me alright…for drugs…which I have never touched.

Then they gave me some sleeping pills and told me to try to relax.

After the case finished and I DIDN’T go to prison…those bugs? They went away.

Sometimes your brain isn’t all there.


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I think there has been a misunderstanding i am talking about spiritual entities that are sometimes created by the thoughts not physical ones.

Yeah me too bud.