Parasite/unclean spirit or unilateral contract

Hello! I’m quite new here and sincerely I tend not to get too much in astral or magic rituals or any of the sort of esoterism. Recently I moved with a new roomie who seems to be too much into that kind of stuff for light / white magic and things have been going spiral down.

I have a timeline to set up things that may be involved or that we have deducted with time.

2017: I was woken up by a shadow in the border of the bed that I ignored. That day around 5 am or 6 am I was moved by the sounds of chains that nobody else apparently heard.

2019: I stayed temporarily in a hotel room; it felt dense, accompanied by a sense of dread (it constantly had me nervous, anxious and alert so I tended to avoid being there) and would frequently look at some points in the room unconsciously that unsettled me. The second night there I was awoken by something moving accross the room to the window and apparently interacted with some food leftovers and spitted on the curtains with some weird white-liquid spots. I could describe the ‘thing’ as some slender, bone-y black, faceless thing extremely tall.

Things were relatively calm for me with no other ‘paranormal’ activity and I used to attribute this to allucinations of sort due my REM sleep phase.

2020: I moved to a new building and this particularily room would make me feel the same act vibes from the hotel room experience, although this time I didn’t see any particular thing.

2021: This period is when I moved with my roomie and began some practices with meditation and getting started to learn more about his spiritualism and habits (he has some kind of contracts himself with light beings and ‘God’ ,so he sometimes uses them to ask for favours and well-doing for others as well as warding off negative energies).

However things began to become unusually odd for both of us in our relative calm.
My room’s bathroom door would appear open everyday along the bathroom window even though we weren’t home (I did a flour test and there was some kind of finger trail around the second day); my cat had an inusual behaviour and strangely ‘human facial features’, she even once opened the door to my bedroom when we were meditating and doing mantras (ohm, meh, etc.); i was spooked a couple of times with poltergeist activity, and so my roomie with me [the window glass being knocked twice from the other side, several times; i was as well touched by my feet once.

The most severe activity we had was finding our sardines in a topper being fed to the cat without us being there and the topper being crystal clean, as well as sleeping in the same room as we were kinda scared and finding the vase of roses was drying up fastly and as well as the vase being shattered the same night along footsteps.

The same day in the morning I did meditation with binaurals and had the exact same feeling from the 2019 and 2020 experience and began hearing stuff in the living room since my bedroom door was open. I tried to meditate but I couldn’t contact this thing to ask for details; however it began to send the concept to my head “[my roomie’s name] is an idiot” so many times I had to go walk out to de-stress me from the constant harass.

He usually (my roomie) would clean the house with herbal stuff, inciense, lit candles and sage. Things would temporarily calm down, although this came out as secondary since he was warding off a spell from somebody else.

Extras: my closet was knocked from the inside so we put a candle before it, the same day we were talking there about some other stuff.
Around 2:45 am my bedroom smell like tobacco (none of us are smokers)

-vampiric energy
-a magickt work

My roomie assumes his god warded off ‘my thing’ (as we assume that thing was following me around if it happens to be the same thing from back 2017, or something else); however i’m wondering if this is an experience indeed a vampiric energy would provoke (It also made us have extreme hunger the first days we moved together and would often argue aggressively a lot). The day after the vase and that my roomie asked to keep it away I began feeling a hunger hole the entire day and lots of abdominal pain.

However I’m confused as I would assume vampiric energies wouldn’t interact with the enviroment or tangible things; it was overall QUITE, QUITE shy as well and would often avoid reply to our attempts to interact or communicate except for the times I would be asleep.

I’m also wondering if it could be some kind of unilateral contract with some kind of lesser demon that I unawarely got attached onto me, but after seeing some contract experiences here it seems unlikely!

I also have to admit that I have the unusual capacity to do evil eyes on some other people unconciously, and also attract people that kind of ‘come to me’ whenever an urgency occurs even from the most unexpected person; so i am not sure if it’s my thing or this 'thing’s ’ doings.

Other than this situation, I have never been bothered by this thing over the years and it has been relatively a silent creature although I can tell I have often felt his ‘dread-inducing energy’ whenever he’s around, down here.

Any help would be appreciated, as we’re more curious on what IT IS and how to avoid these occurrences whenever it’s me trying to do the meditation to a new type of esoterism.

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Right! It’s been done now! Thanks for guiding me around. :slight_smile:

Hmm I am not a professional by any means but this could a lot of different things. It could be some sort of astral parasite that has been with you (likely possibility I think), or it could be a spirit that has been with you and is looking out for you (could be both, as if you are its food source it will protect you). It could be that your roommate is not interacting with what he believes he is (another likely scenario from reading around here).

But feeling malevolence from this thing at any point is not a good sign, whatever it is.

I know from other peoples experiences I have heard on this forum that a lot of people have “spirit guides” and such that are not what they say they are. I’m fairly certain it would be possible for anything to impersonate a “light being,” as these creatures are nonphysical energy that (from what I understand) manifest however they want to using your unconscious and imagination.

I would wait around for a more experienced magician to chime in, because I am just a noob. But I think the likeliest scenario is you have some sort of astral attachment.

There is a book, “Practical Psychic Self Defense” by Robert Bruce that is a must read. He really knows what he is talking about in his other books I have read, and matches my experiences most closely in his Astral Dynamics book.

But yeah, there are evidently a million things it could technically be, but I think for most the procedure for dealing with them is the same.

My money is on astral parasite so far.

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Firstly, thanks for the prompt, detailed reply, patch!
Now that you mention, it seems to make some sense; even my roomie mockingly said “you’re an energetic vampire!” and I had the chance to see this ‘thing’ in a parking mirror when I was walking in the streets behind me as some sort of ‘shadow people’ and disappeared when i glanced at my back before my sexual appetite increased that day and on. I’ve read unclean spirits or vamps often make you have these kind of habits to use you as batteries, apparently!

As for the feeling of malevolence, that’s what my roomie told me as well; the feeling is awful and I can’t stand it that much, although it seems to most occur the first time I move to a new home and then it disappears; I could say i only have detected ‘it’ 3, or 4 times in all these years.

I’ll make sure to read your book recommendation. Although it seems my roomie’s guides and God vanished it, there are chances anything could prey around as easily as this thing did… at least until i develop better my spiritualism…

Yes, sounds like a parasite/vampiric entity. The sexual desire increase is a good tell tale sign. I would maybe try learning a banishing ritual like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It is a great first step in both clearing your space, visualization, ritual work, and I have been told it begins to solidify your aura so that you can exist after death!

I have been dealing with something similar that turned out to be a bit more a problem than yours hopefully will. But we are here if you need us!!

I know people here have shown me much kindness and have been very very helpful!

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Thank you so much for the recommendation and guide, and taking note (be it, or not the thing that we expect it to be!)
Things have improved a lot after it was vanished (we have no longer a lot of hunger, energy loss, letargy or things being active at home), but we were always curious about how to identify it and distinguish it from similar entities!

I am also sorry to hear you’re dealing with something like this at a more difficult degree; I’ve seen also worse things and this ‘little guy’ wasn’t particularly active about showing itself off or interacting with us around. But the experiences are regardless consuming you everyday and can be nerve-wrecking…

Yes, they definitely are. I am glad that it seems to be gone though!!

I am still unsure about the classifications on entities, and as I said before, I am NOT very experienced, but from what I can gather, usually only low level parasitic entities, residual of the dead, and Fae (only if you disrespect or encroach on their land) are the things that will generally fuck with people. And the “archons” I have recently learned about through experience, but those seem to fall into the parasite category.

And thank you!! I am making progress with it finally so I am hoping I will be rid of it completely soon.


This takes time and a variety of experiences. You’ll be guessing for quite a while. They’re largely dealt with the same way, so it isn’t that important. Which brings me to…

Second, you need to find a banishing ritual and start practicing it. You’ll also want to do a cord cutting to get rid of attachments.

General symptoms of a parasite.


Good for you. This will help raise your vibration more to make it harder for parasites. Keep doing this. Add the banishing and cord cuttings.

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