Parad/Mercury/Quicksilver Rings

Anyone familiar with the effects of Parad/Mercury/Quicksilver Rings?

Well… mercury/quicksilver, the chemical element, is toxic if I recall correctly. Even if you found a stable, below-freezing-point specimen of mercury wrought into a ring I’m sure it would be toxic as it is absorbed through the skin (again, if memory serves me right). If you want to look at wearable Mercurial accessories you might want to change tack.

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Yes, I was aware of this, however in parad’s case its a bit different :wink:

I’ll take your word for it :stuck_out_tongue: I couldn’t find the word in an English dictionary, the closest being Paralda, elemental king of Air, so I will assume it’s related and take my ignorance elsewhere >_> :sweat_smile: good luck

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Quicksilver is highly toxic. Alchemists used methods to solidify Mercury, but to my knowledge it is still possible to become poisoned when wearing such an object against skin (and it’s possible for the vapors to be released over time). I would not recommend it. If you intend to use something like this, be completely sure you know what you are doing.

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Putting this here for reference:

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Mercury and quicksilver are the same thing, one is just the common name.

Mercury is a metal that is liquid a room temperature, and it’s properties are used symbolically in alchemical works, western, vedic and Chinese. You can’t easily buy it any more because mercury poisoning will kill you, (it destroys your nerves) but not that long ago it was used in thermometers and I happily poked liquid mercury at school, it has a very high surface tension that causes it to ball up and stay together, very cool.

Parad is not Mercury. Parad is a “hardened mercury”. Meaning, mercury that is chemically combined with other elements. These are called mercury compounds. Cinnabar (aka mercury sulfide) which is referred to a lot in Chinese alchemy known as qigong also uses it and is an example of hardened mercury. Again, it’s symbolic.

In the vedic scriptures, (also in qigong) there’s discussion of “Mercury” undergoing several stages of “purification”, before Parad is extracted from it. Parad is believed to be the most auspicious and fortunate metal “made from the sperm of Lord Shiva”. In Hermetics it’s lead that is transformed/purified to gold, but there’s also techniques that refer to mercury.

You’d have to get translations of the vedic texts to find out what that system does with it more than the link I gave above, but that looks pretty comprehensive ad a good start. Try getting a cinnabar bead necklace and meditate with it to see if it help you work with your energy, for example.
Personally, I think this is missing the point, which is that it codifies a way to work with your internal energy for development of personal enlightenment.

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I read a portion of the paper that was provided by @crookedpathfinder (thank you)

It said that they had examined the parad items and found out that those items released vapors and things I like. Do you know from your research if parad is dangerous? Can I wear it all day long or should I only wear when I do the Work?
I discussed with another forum member the possibility to vacuum sealing it. Maybe that’s an option.

Parad are often sold coated in silver, which is inert and that makes them safe to wear all day.

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I already bought two rings, I just checked but they do not have a silver coating. I was thinking of silver plating company. Is a silver coating the same as silver plating?

Yes, same thing. Check what the rings are made of though and look it up, it might be fine.

Cinnarbar is sold uncoated and is safe I believe. Mercury sulfide - Wikipedia You can find it pretty cheaply on Amazon.

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Okay thanks man, I had bought this one I just read that silver plated items will loose their coating. So I need to find how to solve that issue.