Papá legba dream

I just had the strangest dream.

I was at a shop getting shaped candles, and there was a man (magic practitioner) that took them from me, they were the last ones, so I went over to him and looked into this dark brown eyes, I could feel how powerful his work was. But then I felt a dark strong energy and told him so, as I was saying this a really tall dark skin man appeared from behind him, long hair not a lot of it, and I clearly remember the lower part of his face was different color, like red-ish or purple I’m not sure but man he was tall, and he said. To remember that the man working the energy wasn’t indeed powerful, but the one that walks with him or behind him. I’m not sure if this is an invitation from some energy but he felt so strong and yet so intimidating. the moment that he appeared from behind this powerful practitioner he made it clear that the man practicing his magic wasn’t powerful that the power came from him (the tall one) then he grind his face and when he saw that I wasn’t scared he allowed me to see all this spirits and they all had messages for loved ones and some were crying and happy to be heard or seen. And this tal black man was so inviting like offering power, but low key giving off this vibe that It comes with a price. I don’t know if I’m crazy lol but it felt so real, I woke up and Immediately thought about papá legba, I don’t do vodoo or hoodoo nor do I have African roots but he just came to my mind. Now that I’ve read about him I understand why he was surrounded by spirits and souls. Any inputs? Has anyone worked with him? I haven’t really been calling him I just felt a presence and been meditating for that presence to manifest, I’ve also been trying to open roads in my life. Is he dangerous to work with?

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:crystal_ball: I don’t know much about him either Darlin. Even though I have had moments were I’m drawn to him. I would advise you to learn as much as you can about him if you feel drawn to him. Search on people’s experiences, videos, etc and I’m sure the answer will come to you. :crystal_ball:

The vision is about your potential castings and to use your powers wisely, if you want success with your castings you must put the time and effort into your rituals to make them effective, not just read something off from a book. The tall black man might be Lucifer who employs the color black and might be an identifier as to the sender of the vision.

The price involved is use caution in your castings especially for bane as it might come back to haunt you as things progress it might not be what you want as when things go to far it is hard to pull them back or rescind.

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i dream with hougan’s .i stay in a sort of park or neighborhood with streets of water likely venice. apparently,only of hougan’s ( i guess that is a type of astral plane)¿someone seen’s similar something?