Palo Santo's holy wood! benefits and drawbacks

Not only does this stuff (in my opinion) smell amazing but it’s cleansing properties are second to none. It removes almost all negative energy from the area when burned but also has the unique property of having an effect on your psychic centers or Kundalini chakrah whatever you want to call it it clears you out and opens you up. It really Sparks the third eye up and gets the gears turning. It makes for a great addition to any ritual, however if one intends to do baneful works I will give you warning.
The Palo Santo’s is a energy balancing deal and if you start to burn this stuff when about to do a ritual curse or hex you will find yourself losing interest and feeling more forgiving and possibly just saying things like, " I’m not that angry about it" or " It’s all water under the bridge"

So if you plan to have a successful baneful work I would avoid Palo Santo’s, but for all else it’s a spectacular addition to one’s ritual kit.

An additional benefit of the Palo Santo’s is that it facilitates healing mental, emotional, and even physical.

The nice thing about how it burns is that it burns slow and goes out on it’s own at right about the right time every time. It’s easy to use you simply light it and get it burning. When you have a nice red ember blow out the flame like you would an incense stick. The ember should smoulder for a while and you can use it as a smudge or to draw pentacles or sigils in the air.

One of the more incredible properties is that when one does draw a Sigil in the air with Palo Santo’s you get amazing manifestation results.
I believe it to be part due to the fact that you must really know your Sigil to draw it in the air and second Palo is a great manifestation base through which can give the spirit connective point to our dimension quite nicely.


Here is a link you may find helpful.
Some of the best Palo Santo I’ve used thus far.

Samhain Iya