Palo Mayombe,Santeria,Voodoo

I am curious about Palo Mayombe,Quimbanda,Voodoo,Hoodoo,Santeria and Obeah deities,Has anybody has worked with them???Are their magic is easy to master???How quick are their results and what are the dangers associated with this African Magic???Which is the best system of all African Magick???


I would not say that African magick is easier to master. You really have to have some guts to do it. Because Baneful magick in lets say Voodoo requires you to do things you never thought you had too just to call on a deity. It is a required taste in magick. Its not easier.
IMO actually its harder, and more dangerous.
Also for the spirits to speak to you they MUST possess you.
Its nothing like simple evocation magick not at all.


Oh btw. I have a voodoo lounge thread.


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I am in full agreement with you @Voodooking usually African spirits are not my style, goetic spirits are but I am an experimenter at heart and so last week I contacted an african spirit, egyptian actually, the words for the invocation were honestly uncomfortable for me at first because they spoke to inviting the spirit into my body. Anyhow, I did the ritual, the morning after I was in my kitchen and had a box made unusual movement, when I went back to bed I was awoken out of my sleep by the voice of a sultry woman calling my name!

I spoke to a friend of mind who is a fairly advanced practitioner as well and she asked me if I really read those words and went along with it :rofl:

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Sounds like fun

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:rofl: :laughing: indeed

Hi Sailing. Can you share the words you used or the book you got the words from?

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@Ri_Za sure I used the book Luciferian Invocations by Anton Kruger page 19 for the Egyptian entity Ashtoreth. Despite the title of the book, it is effective in terms of working with the African spirits contained within.

words include steal my body and make it yours, may i be swallowed up in your rapture, let us mingle and become one, I join with Ashtoreth, take me x3

Awesome. Thanks Sailing.

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