Palindromes of Goetia

Hello everyone.

I’m interested in the opinions of people who have practiced palindromes Goetia.

Does anyone know about them? Has anyone practiced it and how? What were the results?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to read palindromes that do not have vowels, like the second palindrome? Insert vowels like in Hebrew?

Does anyone have information about the correct palindrome of Lucifer and Satagraal?

Here are 2 examples of such palindromes:



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These look like Squares?

For Satagraal you’d use the square for the Kingdom of the Blue Flame, which is in the book.

This is my copy:

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Yes, palindromes are shaped like squares.
I’m specifically interested in the palindrome, which is aimed at the very personality of the demon.
I think my strength and experience are not enough for the kingdom of flame itself.
How do you read a square where there are no vowels, do you use the Hebrew method? For example the word: LTRTHR.

No I mean, the older grimoires literally call them “Squares”, not “palindromes”.

According to, this word was introduced in the 1620s, later than some grimoires from the 14th and 14th centuries using Squares, so it stands to reason they do not use this word.

The book the Kingdom of Flames follows this traditions and called them “Squares” and if you want to research them online you’d probably have better luck using this in your search terms.

You don’t read them at all, as they are not words. You gaze into them the same way you’d gaze into a sigil.

You may also notice they are not simply the letters of a name mixed up either. The Square for the Kingdom of the Blue Flame has an ‘O’ in it…if you look.

I understood you.
Well, palindromes are like squares, but at the same time they are not squares, I use Goetia palindromes like mantras or enns.
I haven’t tried interacting with squares yet.

These are similar to Abramelin squares.

I think they’re asking specifically about anagrams, like Kabbalistic meditation on the letter permutations of the name of God. Something like this:


For the record, these are not palindromes. A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forward or backward. BOB, for example, is a palindrome,. These are not, as they are simply a rearrangement of the letters. At best, they might possibly be considered anagrams, but even that is stretching the definition a bit, since these are not actual words.

There is only one name in the Goetia that is an actual palindrome and that is the 57th spirit, OSO.