Paimon pact

Hi everyone i am new here and i wanted to discuss about something important it’s about making a pact with a specific Demonic King of Goetia his name is king Paimon , i read a lot about him and especially in ars Goetia which i procured last week personally i wanted to make a pact with him and it’s been two days that i am trying to connect with him spiritually but nothing happened (i have drawn his sigil in a paper with my pact and conditions and signed it then burnt it ) and today i drew a new sigil and i meditated while looking at it and saying the name of king Paimon but always nothing so maybe something is wrong in my steps knowing that i didn,t use any candle or incense but just meditation and a writing pact so can anyone tell me what i can do and what are the signs of an accepted pact thanks .


How did the meditation go?

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Nothing special happened just closed my eyes and called for the king Paimon after writing my pact and looked deeply to his sigil

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Try to take deep slow breaths in and out. Let go of your ego. Feel what king paimon is. To me, I can see him as a force of sound. A god of rhetoric, language, and the manipulation of sound. Known as the scribe. Find out what he means to you. Tap into that essence and feel that he is there. As he was always there.


I must say that the first night when i discovered him in the ars goetia book i choosed him and then i slept at night i dreamed of a sound of trumpets for some while then it disappeared but it was only at morning when i noticed


That’s a start. But perhaps you need to work on your astral senses further.

Thank you @Manosman but how can i proceed and what link between that and my pact ?


You need your astral senses so that you can understand what any spirit is saying when you talk to it (King Paimon included). Meditation is a good way to start. 10 minutes every day is good enough. If you want something else, instead of meditation you could try to boost your skills with runes or something like that.

There are other ways to improve your astral senses but others in this forum know that way better than I do, so it’s better to ask them.

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Aaa i see you are talking about opening the third eye ?

Kinda, opening your chakras is also a good way to improve your astral senses too. There are many methods but I don’t know them, while other people here do. Making the right questions will give you the best answers, this is a must know when working with spirits.

Yes! I think this has much to do with his association with and patronization of music.

And this is one of the best ways I have heard this concept worded. To the OP: this is solid gold ^^^.


Consider that a pact is difficult to agree upon if only one of two parties engaged is able to communicate ideas to the other, in the economic, political or the spiritual context.

You need to do things to break down the barrier between your conscious and subconscious. Until you can do that it is like being stuck with half functioning sensory functions. Meditation and brainwave manipulation techniques are a great way to develop this. Also bear in mind that it only takes a little progress in the grand scope of things to notice an immense change in your perception; a little bit of mind training goes a long way. I like Dr, Deepak Chopra’s thoughts on the subject.


Thanks brother

That could be a bit of a sign in it’s own right. I never got the trumpet thing, but chimes from an odd source happened in an early connection.

Okay, so here’s the thing; are you trancing out when you are gazing through the sigil? It helps to burn it into your mind and make the connection.

The candles and incense are secondary, IMO. On some level there is the energetic correspondences to consider, and fire is a spiritual gateway even when as small as a candle.More importantly though, they act as sensory triggers which can aid in achieving various states. So in other words, candles and incense are not needed, but can be convenient.


As i have read , i see that connecting spiritualy with the demon itself is necessary to make him accept my pact knowing that i have made a blood pact and burnt it later (i mean today ) , after meditating and thinking of King paimon seeking him in my deep soul , i felt like a little light between my eyes but it was gone quickly i needed more concentration but a i had headache which stoped me from continuing my meditation ,please help know how to do and what are the signs that i can see which tells me that my pact is accepted from the demon


Wait for the results to manifest or use divination

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This is a good suggestion. I am not the strongest in divination techniques but I still feel that pendulum divination can be extremely effective. It is actually shocking at how easy it is to learn and incorporate into your practice and daily life.

Learn the technique and keep working on bridging the gap between your conscious and subconscious. When you have done so enough then King Paimon can communicate with you more readily, as you will have opened a channel of communication. A little progress goes a long way, so don’t be too intimidated by the task. He is patient and wise beyond measure, so once you are able to receive answers He can help you with other aspects of your development, magickally and otherwise.

That’s okay, it is a great start. I would say that is a good indicator that you are making progress. It sounds like you are not far; don’t give up!

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I agree with that.

hey! I was looking to into speaking with king paimon , and I don’t really have a background in this stuff. I have no clue how to even get started , could you help me ? thanks