Paimon is a gatekeeper!

Paimon is a Gatekeeper. He produces the same body activation changes as the rest of the 9. Plus Belial told me so himself. If anyone could please share this as it truly is a thing of importance.

thank you kindly, Eternal Ascent and the best of luck to us all. :slight_smile:


King Paimon


Other than Belial’s word, why do you think so? I’m not challenging you, I’m just curious, because that is completely different than my own experiences with Him.

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as i said he produces the same effects as the nine. the sensations are completly unique to this group of spirits. the fact that you have not felt it is because the gates need to be opened. that is to say u need to have experienced the power of the nine it is then that you feel how the affect you. for example. years ago when working with belial he felt completely different . Then i watched E. A.'s video were he was sick and i experienced what it is most apt to call the sick essence of belial. i later learned that belial infects our bodies trough the virus with his pressence if we are sick and that evidently, is why Eric was sick ( the same cold happenned to me twice including also conflicts w many people, rage and resistance.

Then latter wen i called on all nine belial’s essence was difertent again. and thenn i learned that the nine empower each other and thus always transform. and belial being the lord of this world witch is evidend because he is the most physicall and the mos physically strong of all gatekeepers ( and it is fo r this reason that he is the true devil and oponent of god as none of the nine even equal him in sheer power. for example thou beelzebub indeed has power over devils, he feels so small. in short wen they say the devil etc./ they alwsys mean belial amd this was known even amongst the jews. is the one that is we could say closest to the ground and thus the energy of all remaining 8 the ever flows into himj and makes him stronger
plus Paimon is Azazel sure they are diferent energies b same in essence like clear water and water painted yellow.

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King Paimon is NOT Azazel. At all. I know people who have a deep, personal relationship with King Paimon and he is not in any way the same being as Azazel, in essence or otherwise (judging by what the King himself has said about Azazel).


i know he is not thre energy is diferen tnever the les thei have an inherent sdameness. like ea said different appendages om the same body.

My experience (UPG) with King Paimon and Azazel tells me otherwise.


Azazel and Paimon are completely different when you analyse them there is nothing to support them being the same entity.

All they have in common is the infernal energy which hundreds of spirits have …

From demons to Div’s, there is no connection with the names, elements, roles etc.

Azazel is a saturnian infernal demon.

Paimon has no connection with saturn i have even summoned each and they agree they are not the same but they are connected in some way just like the nine demonic kings are connected in some way.

What your receiving is personal gnosis for you to better grasp the demonic spirits your interacting with until i can see a direct link i cannot say they are the same.


since i dont wanna drag this out ill remind that thats not the issue here. the thing is paimon is a gatekeeper. but the only way u’ll be clear on that is if you call himn with the rest of the nine and experience it yourself. i call him after azazel. but do it how u prefer remembering how ever that the nine have a sequence belial is first and so on.

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Well see aren’t all great grand demons gatekeepers, from kings, to princes, dukes you name it.

They can open gates to their world to you from interacting with them their energy over time opens the gate within you, so yes paimon is gatekeeper all demons are in some way a gatekeeper.

I agree with you, but all spirits in someway are gatekeepers even gods, angels, elementals, demons, divs.

They all open external gates and gates within our psyche and soul.

no my friend I reiterate he is a gatekeeper one more of the
specific group of 9 whose specific alchemy is to alter the human body.

wich has a very unique feel

and over all effects

that is why E. A. says that the work with thesese specific gatekeepers. is the most important work.

So because he alters the human body he must be gatekeeper.

Remember the nine gatekeepers are the only beings from looking at astral mechanics and energy mechanisms, any time we interact with energies they alter us, for example the dark sisters Lilith, Agrat, Eishteth, Naamah are entities which using infernal alchemy and nightside powers, change us even on the genetic level like the nine demonic gatekeepers.

That doesn’t mean they are apart of the nine demonic gatekeepers, do you know where i’m going with this, if we count the spirits that open gateways and alter the physical body then almost all demons are apart of the nine demonic gatekeepers but they are and not at the same time.


So 1 of the 9 kings is a gatekeeper most if not all who have been paying attention know this

to alter the humanb body IN A VERY SPECIFIC WAY. which is differenf from any other energy , entity, power.

You are just agreeing with his previous comment.

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no i am not since the alteration is diferrent though in so far as other such things alter the human body too that is true

Evoking properly any demon and invoking its energies will affect the physical and higher subtle bodies