Pacts made and sealed by sex with demons in dreams

Yesterday I tried invoking Leviathan unsuccessfully during the day,I could her energy but her presence wasnt there .At night before I went to sleep I recited her enn before dozing off .
In my dream, I went back on the events of the day and dreamt of sitting by the shores of the Indian ocean meditating . While sitted a beautiful woman came from the sea and from afar as she emerged I saw she was a creole and beautiful .
She was naked and came ,sat next to me and we both faced the ocean .
She mentioned she was sorry for not responding to my calls during the day and said she had been busy .Immediately I realised it was leviathan .She was flirtatious and we talked before she accepted to fulfill something I needed in two days time.
She undressed me and I remember not resisting .But midway before we actually had sex I hesitated a little . She was so insistened but I still hesitated .
After a while she produced a huge laughter and from my back I felt another hand ,to my surprise it was Heralah .I was in the middle of them both ,all of us in the dream naked. She smiled and praised me for my passing of the test .
The two demons were both naked and made out on the shores as I watched(am not yet sure what this act of them having sex meant ) ,after a while I woke up and immediately felt Goddess Heralah’s presence in the room .
My head was heavy and pounding from the dream .
She told me had I had sex in the dream I would have made a pact with Leviathan unknowingly and it would have been binding .
She came bearing gifts and a tanzanite stone which she ordered it be placed on her altar .
Now with both Heralah’s and Leviathan’s blessing am due to begging my journey in the qliphoth .
For those with similar experiences in dreams be aware as it may not be just a dream .


Intriguing, Is this a general rule we should be advised to follow or just follow whether it feels right at the time?

The Leviathin isn’t a sex demon.The Leviathin is the admirial of hell and look like a giant sea monster you can google image it.I’ve also noticed that people using this community can’t spell for shit.


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You have no room to ridicule the spelling of others, when you yourself cannot do so correctly.
Also, not everyone will see an entity in the same way, nor have the exact same experiences.


Spirits can take any form esp in our dream/mind world.

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