Pact with Papa Legba

Hello everyone
I was wondering if anyone has tried to make a pact with Papa Legba and what your results has been so far

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The Lwa are not like Western demons. They do no make pacts.


The initiation itself is kinda of a pact. You will be in extreme connection with the Lwa

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I guess you could look at initiation like a pact. I see it as more of a key to a specific door, though, not a binding agreement of any sort.


Thank you I will look into that

Does anyone know if initiation into voodoo is mandatory? Can one just not ‘veve up’ Papa Legba first(as mandated) and then commune with the lwa where wanted/where they feel is needed?
Is initiation through entry of someone/some other group exclusive as to who can accesss the lwa?

It is not mandatory. I work with the Lwa and I am not initiated. The Lwa came to me themselves.


Okay. Thanks.

Is there a gloassary on site of a link to whereas I can be directed to lwa name’s and corresponded duties’.
I’m lacking in Ego. Have moral & spiritual dignities I wanna rid and also altrusim. Any lwa’s considered can help with adding/removing intrinsic qualities like that? Ya’ know?
Also are there any lwas that can teach philosophy and ‘diagnose me’ (like where are my falls mentally, spiritually etc.)?

Try these:


Hey, DarkestKnight. I’ve read the following topic that you sent ne. Although Keteriya and what she did makes good ise, It’s not really specific to the qualities I’m searching for. Nor does it really give duties of each(most) of the lwa. One thibg at a time. Which lwa would be/should be best to work with for boosting Ego? Does anyone know?

The Lwa are not like Western demons. There is no catalogue where you can go to see what each one specializes in. Most of the Lwa are good for multiple things. For example, if you looked at the rituals I linked to you, you will see that Ti Jean Petro can be used for resisting curses, as well as overcoming physical limitations,

What does “boosting ego” mean? Are you talking about more confidence? Self-image? Pride?