Ritual Material for The Loa/Lwa Empowerment Series and Rituals

Please click to expand each section of text. I know a pdf would be nice, but until I have this all wrapped into a nice shiny package please bear with this format.

I recommend starting with the banishing ritual and the protection ritual, get a feel for what we have going on and then plowing ahead, but if you already work with the loa, you’ve been performing evocation for decades or some similar, please don’t consider it a requirement that you banish and protect yourself or start with any particular empowerment ritual.

In my humble opinion the Loa’s energy is much more… present or obvious and doesn’t take as much to get an effect as other energy types might. As such you may find it best to start with one ritual, run for 7 days then move on to the next then come back later if you wish to level up in that area.

I suspect 7 days is the average we will end up with, but if it takes 9 or 13 days or longer before you encounter a moment where you say ah, I can tell this is working, please move on to another ritual or take a break for a few days.

Sometimes when we are taking on new energies there seems to be like, a small delay before we notice it, just something to keep in mind.

Every ritual begins with the following veve. Simply scan it with your eyes then continue with your chosen ritual(s). You may also use this to speak to a specific Loa before or after performing the rituals, simply scan the veve, state their name then begin speaking either out loud or with in your mind, while gazing at the veve.

Each ritual is very simple to perform. After scanning the veve, read statement 1. Take a moment to think about it and then repeat the statement as if you were asking someone you know to do this for you. Use your own words, so that your mind and the Loa understand what you mean. Repeat for each given statement in the ritual.

A complete example for ritual 1 can be found in the working thread, post 7.


Banishing Ritual

Banishing Ritual

  1. Sit or stand comfortably and gaze at the above veve. Scan your eyes over the image.

  2. Imagine you smell dirt, that you hear the ground rumble, and the floor or ground ripples in a wave like motion beneath you as earth flows across the area. Say the name Agaou

  3. Imagine a tidal wave of cool raging water that washes over you and your surroundings, quenching your thirst, soothing your skin, washing you and your surroundings clean. Say the name Agwe

  4. Imagine the air temperature increasing in intensity until ghost like flames appear briefly, rolling across your skin then burst out from you and through your surroundings. Say the name Damballah La Flambeau

  5. Imagine hot steam wafting up from the surroundings and turning into wind blowing away the debris, the dirt and earth. Say the name Badessy.

  6. Imagine that you can feel the sunshine on you. It is blazing hot and warms you inside and out. Say the name Legba

  7. Imagine a bright flash of lighting, that lingers in the air, it’s electric. Imagine your skin pleasantly tingly as it shapes into a circle around you, then forms into a sphere of protection as it expands to surround the room or space. Say the name Sogbo

Ritual 1: Protection

Ritual 1: Protection

  1. Start by gazing at the image, scan it with your eyes.

  2. Ask Legba to empower you with protection over your life path, from obstacles that may arise and from anything that stands in the way of your desires.

  3. Ask Jean Petro give you the power to overcome and prevent oppression and anything that is holding you back or preventing you from obtaining your dreams.

  4. Ask Congo to empower your willpower and your ability to protect it from being encroached upon.

  5. Ask Agwe La Flambeau to empower you to automatically repel negative energies, metaphysical beings and psychic attacks.

  6. Ask Ayido-wedo to imbue you with the ability to protect and maintain the relationships and friendships that are important to your life.

  7. Ask Papa Loco to empower you to protect your rituals, ceremonies and sanctuaries. For some of us our sanctuary is our living room, or our basement. That’s okay.

  8. Next ask Bossu to empower with protection while you sleep from both physical and metaphysical dangers.

  9. Ask Belie Becan to empower you with the ability to create protective items, and to protect your physical items from harm and loss.

  10. Ask Ayizan to grant you the power to protect your businesses (jobs/finances), your travels through public places and your boundaries.

  11. Ask Kalfu to give you the power to diffuse and repel all unwanted magic and curses.

  12. Ask Taureau Truis Graines, to empower you with the ability to automatically protect your mind, your thinking, and your reason and logic facilities so that you are able to cool, calm and collected in all circumstances.

  13. Finally ask Erzili Zander to imbue you with protection from injustices and from vulnerability while you go through any and all transformative processes.

Whew that’s it, just close the image and go back to life. I like to take two seconds and express my gratitude with a since thank you, before moving on.

Ritual 2: Empowering Healing Abilities

Ritual 2 is for empowering our abilities to heal, ourselves and others.

  1. Gaze at the image, scan it with it your eyes.

  2. Ask Simbi to give you the ability to diagnose all types of illnesses and sicknesses, regardless of their source.

  3. Ask Marassa to give you the ability to heal yourself and others emotionally.

  4. Ask La Barona to give you the ability to know the herbs and plants that can aid your healing abilities in any scenario.

  5. Ask Gran Bois to activate in you the ability to divinely heal yourself and others.

  6. Ask Damballah La Flambeau to give you the ability to energetically heal any illness.

  7. Ask Sobo to give you the ability to heal yourself and others from illness and trauma caused by magic attacks and curses.

Ritual 3: Empower Your Clair, Astral and Dream Senses

Ritual 3: Empower Your Clair, Astral and Dream Senses

  1. Start by gazing at the veve.

  2. Ask Bossu to empower your clair and psychic abilities as well as your ability to successfully lucid dream with remembrance.

  3. Ask Simbi to empower your clairvoyant abilities.

  4. Ask Baron Samedi to empower you with the ability to communicate with the dead and ancestral spirits without fear or false bravado.

  5. Ask Papa Loco to empower you with the ability to communicate with spirits and other sentient beings with telepathy.

  6. Ask Agassou to empower your ability to safely navigate the astral planes and your ability to Shapeshift.

  7. Ask Ogun to empower you with the ability of prophecy so that you can accurately divine the future.

  8. Ask Madam Lalinne to empower your ability to scry and use dreams to your advantage and interpret the impressions received while scrying and dreaming.

  9. Ask Claimesine to empower you with the ability of precognition and psychic senses.

Ritual 4: Empower Your Defenses Against Curses and Mal-intent

Ritual 4: Empower Your Defenses Against Curses and Mal-Intent

  1. Scan the Veve

  2. Ask Babako to empower you with protection against all malefic magic.

  3. Ask Bacalou Baka to empower you with protection against curses designed to instill fear, wreak havoc in your life or cause your death.

  4. Ask Baron Del Cementerio to empower you with the ability to automatically reverse all curses and malefic work against you.

  5. Ask Ezili Ge Rouge to empower you with the ability to repel desperate and dire situations from occurring in your life.

  6. Ask Marinette to empower you with the ability to automatically cause those that unjustly attack, abuse and oppress you to receive their due recourse.

  7. Ask Ti Jean Petro to empower you with the ability to resist all curses which would cause death due to natural causes.

  8. Ask Lemba to empower you with his iron bar so that your willpower is impervious to all curses and spells designed to weaken your resistance to magical or psychic attack.

  9. Ask Krabinay to empower you with natural defense against all curses and oppressive forces.

  10. Ask Congo Savanne to empower you to repel the cannibals in life, those who curse and eat their own.

  11. Ask Ezili Couer Noir to empower you with the ability to protect your abilities to communicate with others from all forms of energetic or magical influence and domination.

Ritual 5: Empower Your Prosperity

Ritual 5: Empower Your Prosperity

  1. Gaze at the veve, briefly scanning it with your eyes.

  2. Ask Azaca Mede to empower you with the ability to grow an abundance of wealth, prosperity, power and love in your life.

  3. Ask Candelo to empower you to find luck and favor in all things.

  4. Ask Damaballah to empower you with an abundance of wisdom, good health and the ability to find what you are missing in life.

  5. Ask Dahn to empower you with good fortune and financial prosperity.

  6. Ask Maman Brigitte to empower you with the ability to manifest any amount of money quickly and easily.

  7. Ask La Sirene to empower you with the ability to attract wealth, treasures and good fortune to you automatically.

  8. Ask Ibo Lele to empower you with ambition and a strong sense of self pride and confidence.

  9. Ask Dinclusion to empower you with bottomless pockets and the ability to pocket anything you so desire.

  10. Ask Papa Ghede to empower you with the abilities of custodian, so that you are able to continually foster financial independence, stability and growth into your life.

  11. Ask Gran Ezili to empower you with the ability to prosper even in situations which seem to be beyond your comprehension and to empower you with the perspective to see clearly so that you are able to make profitable decisions.

Ritual 6: Empower Your Relationships and Sexuality

Ritual 6: Empower Your Relationships and Sexuality

  1. Begin by scanning your eyes over the veve.

  2. Ask Anaise to empower you with the ability to translate and interpret all communication between you and others.

  3. Ask Mademoiselle Charolotte to empower you with ability to navigate through life while utilizing finesse, protocol and etiquette.

  4. Ask Petite Pierre to empower you with the ability to communicate without always picking a fight with your audience.

  5. Ask Ezili Freda Dahomey to empower your life so that you have deep empowering relationships with others that will stand by your side through all circumstance’s life may bring.

  6. Ask Silibo to empower your sexuality so that you are able to have sensual, fulfilling sexual encounters throughout your life.

  7. Ask Anaisa Pye to empower you with beauty, sensuality and desirability to those people and spirits who are important to your life.

  8. Ask Baron La Croix to empower you with the ability to express yourself and your sexuality in positive, healthy ways.

  9. Ask Ezili La Flambeau to empower you with ability to protect your relationships from anger, rage and jealousy.

Ritual 7: Empower Your Magical Abilities

Ritual 7: Empower Your Magical Abilities

  1. Scan the veve.

  2. Ask Papa Legba to empower you with the ability to create anything you desire in your life.

  3. Ask Baron Cimitiere to empower you with the ability to comprehend and utilize all magical knowledge.

  4. Ask Baron Kriminel to empower you with successful manifestation in all magical endeavors.

  5. Ask Ezuli Maypan to empower your ability to obtain justified revenge through magical and spiritual means.

  6. Ask Ezuli Jan Petro to empower you with the ability to employ magical protection over any chosen space.

  7. Ask Candilina to empower you with the ability to protect your magical works from interference.

  8. Ask Gran Boa to empower you with the ability to work with any type of magic.

Ritual 8: Empower Your Mind

Ritual 8: Empower Your Mind

  1. Scan the veve.

  2. Ask Papa Legba to remove all mental and emotional blocks regardless of their cause and to empower you to prevent new blocks from occurring.

  3. Ask Damballah to empower you with wisdom and the ability to discern what is true.

  4. Ask Agwe La Flambeau to empower you with clarity of mind, hearty and soul.

  5. Ask Damballah La Flambeau to empower you with the ability to burn through any attacks on your mental abilities and perspective regardless of whether they occur in the physical or astral realms.

  6. Ask Baron La Croix to empower you with the ability to express your thoughts and feelings to others.

  7. Ask Ezuli Dantor to empower you with the ability to take initiative and lead revolutions.

  8. Ask Ezuli La Flambeau to empower you with the ability to control your emotions so that you are able to exercise discipline and self control at all times.

  9. Ask Obtala to empower you a mind as open and wide as the sky above you, so that you are able to clearly see things as they are.

  10. Ask Ibo Lele to empower you with confidence in yourself and your path.

  11. Ask Taureau Truis Grainés to empower you with the ability to be brave, courageous and sound of mind while facing all that life may bring.

Ritual 9: Empower Your Body

Ritual 9: Empower Your Body

  1. Scan the veve.

  2. Ask Azaca Mead to empower you with the strapping body of the farmer so that you are physical strong and healthy.

  3. Ask Mademoiselle Charlotte to empower you with the ability to hold and maintain good posture all of the time.

  4. Ask Krabinay to empower you with the ability to leap for your goals and obtain physical fitness and agility.

  5. Ask Candelo to empower to you with the ability to move rhythmically and dance your way through life while also empowering you with the abilities of a verbal and physical pryotechnic so that you are able to make good use of explosive amounts of energy and endurance.

  6. Ask Damballah La Flambeau to empower you with stamina and endurance to physically endure all scenarios in which you find yourself.

  7. Ask Agwe to empower you with self discipline, control and accountability so that you are able to obtain all of your goals, but most specifically those related to your health and physical well being.

  8. Ask Ti Jean Petro to empower you with the ability to overcome any disability that is physically or mentally holding you back or preventing you from obtaining your desires.

  9. Ask Congo to empower you with perseverance and the ability to accomplish any goal you set and maintain any routine you desire.

  10. Ask La Baliene to empower you with hormonal and biological balance so that your body is able to reach an ultimate state of health.

  11. Ask Ezuli Zandor to empower you with the ability to physically transform your body into your ideal picture of fitness.

Ritual 10: Empower Your Creativity and Motivation

Ritual 10: Empower Your Creativity and Motivation

  1. Scan the veve.

  2. Ask Papa Legba to empower you with the ability to create all things.

  3. Ask Baron La Croix to empower you with the ability to express yourself in productive and creative ways.

  4. Ask Candelo to empower you with a creative rhythm.

  5. Ask Congo to empower you with the drive and will power to finish any task you take on, creatively.

  6. Ask Jean Petro to empower you with the freedom of inspiration, so that your ideas are free to flow into your life and projects.

  7. Ask Linto to empower you with the imaginative skills of a child and the artistic abilities to express your innate creative abilities.

I just want to note that I’ve found when performing the empowerments if I ask for the power to be automatic I am seeing a more dramatic effect.

Particularly when performing on the behalf of others. For example one individual does not want empowered to use magic or spiritual means themselves, but they do want * automatic/passive/effortless* protection.

I’ve found when administering these empowerments through their higher self, that that the higher self is more likely to confirm with a yes or sign of acceptance if I use the word automatic over simply asking the person be empowered to do it.

So it’s probably worth the time to ask for the empowerments to operate effortless in your life if you haven’t, instead of simply as giving you the ability to use this power.

If that makes sense! I know we kind of talked about it before, but I didn’t really get the part about wanting these powers to operate effortlessly/subconsciously.


Whoa! Never would have thought I’d have enough material to max the character limit! Please note I’ll leave the empowerments in post one and move all other rituals to post two for ease of use in ritual.

Instructions for Creating a Protective Talisman Empowered by the Loa

Instructions for creating a protective talisman empowered by the Loa:

You can do this on any material, even a candle. The idea is you want to be carving or scratching into something. Clay, wood, wax. You can use this a temporary talisman or something to keep forever. You choose.

  1. Gather your materials if you can, have the veve handy.

-You need something to carve with, knife/pencil/wood burner/etc
-protective herbs. I like garlic, basil, bay, sage, thyme, rosemary. Use what you have on hand, google for a reference and your instincts for a decision.
-small amount of oil, adhesive or someway to make bits of herb stick to the material you carving into.
-use a piece of paper and scratch the words and symbols onto it with a pencil in emergency scenarios or for cost effectiveness when absolutely necessary.

  1. Place the herbs on the veve for the Loa you want to empower each herb you chose or verbally ask each lower to empower them.
  2. Now you want to carve the name of each of Loa from the Veve into your material near the top, preferable so the names circle the item.


  1. Now carve columns of triangles down the remaining length of your material. Make them each point a different direction. This is your energetic and symbolic passcode.

With this order of symbols you can access the talisman from a long distance. This means to use the talisman you need to have it in your hand to automatically unlock it or have the code to affect it from a distance.

(What did we do their folks? We protected our protective talisman from enemy curses, just like I’ve seen done with portals in the past and preventing someone from using one you opened and entering your space without consent)

  1. Now we take our herbs and oil or adhesive or whatever you came up with and mix them together.

  1. Spread your mixture onto your talisman. I like to dip my hand in my herbal mix and rub it onto my items with motions towards me if the work something I want in my life, and with motions away from me if I don’t want it.

I want this, so I’ll run the oil from one end to other with my hand moving towards me as I run the oil on.

  1. Allow to dry as needed. Display for active protection, put away for protection during ritual use only, save extra herbal oil if you so desire to recharge at a later date or level it up so it speak.

Please note the energy of your actions combined with energy imbued into your herbs are what fuel and sustain this protection talisman.

Ritual to Receive a Lifelong Familiar from the Loa

Ritual to Receive a Lifelong familiar from the Loa.

  1. Find an item to serve as a physical vessel. This will help you feel and notice the familiar when it’s near and you want to work with it.

The vessel will serve to hold energy from your familiar so that it is easy to connect with and call upon.

Your vessel can be quite literally item, but take your time and choose something that feels right.

You don’t need to buy anything. You may have a special heirloom from grandma or gift that you don’t really use but it has a sentimental value to you.

You may also feel led to buy something or see something that calls to you while shopping. My advice is to never spend anything you can’t afford to spend on spiritual endeavors, the Loa are here to help us, not increase our debt.

So if you do feel led to purchase something and can’t afford it- wait. If the items still available when you can afford it, it’s the right item. If it’s not, it wasn’t right for what you need, so don’t worry about it.

  1. Once you’ve decided on a vessel grab a sheet of paper and draw the veve we’ve been using. It doesn’t need to be perfect or as big as mine.

I used a 12”x12” piece of poster board and intentionally made it big enough to lay items on and so that you could see which Loa, each symbol stands for. You can draw it as small as you can draw it and still use it.

The functionality of this veve is not affected by its diameter so you may adjust according to your needs or use a tiny rendition if you need to hide what you are doing.

Alternatively once there is a digital version you could also print it or if you can find a way to display it on your phone and place that under the vessel item, that would work too.

Remember this magic is about your path and finding what’s right for you, so if you feel led to change something- do it. Have confidence in the fact the Loa have been empowering you and you know what you’re doing- even if you aren’t aware of it yet.

  1. After replicating the veve either scan your new rendition of the veve or scan the version you have been using.

  2. Perform the banishing ritual if you have not today, we don’t want to pick up a roque spirit looking to fool us, we want a legitimate helper from the Loa.

  3. Consider what you think you may use the familiar for. You don’t have to know and you don’t have to be able to picture it. I just need you to consider it. Would it be love magic, protection, revenge? What will this familiar help with in the long term?

Just ask yourself. If you hear answers or see images that’s okay and if you don’t, that is okay too. It’s hard to imagine things we have not experienced and we don’t want to limit the ways the familiar can aid us- we want to receive one that will be a friend, guide and helper whenever we need it- not only when due circumstances come up.

  1. Think about which Loa(s) will be giving you the familiar. Wait a minute Ket, how the hell do we know this?

Oh that Clair cognizance that I keep trying to introducing you to will help. You could choose any Loa you feel drawn to and should just allow the answer to come to you, if you don’t know it.

If it doesn’t become blatantly obvious which Loa will bring your familiar, please simply continue, it will likely become apparent to you as finish this ritual.

A few Loa that would be appropriate when in doubt are Obtala who is responsible for forming children in the womb, Met Kalfu who manages the underworld crossroads, Gran Bois father of the forest or even Papa Lisa who it is said dwells in trees.

  1. If you know which Loa you are calling on great. If not read this statement. Think about what it means then repeat it in your own words. If you do know replace Loa with their name or names.

You can do this out loud or in your mind:

Loa I ask that you give me a familiar to serve as my spiritual guide, companion, ally and to help me in all of my magical and spiritual endeavors. I ask you give to me a familiar that will help me obtain my desires and reach my fullest potential.

I ask that you infuse my familiars energy into this vessel so that I am able to interact with my familiar in tangible and practical ways that will accelerate the growth of my Clair senses and aid me in communication with my familiar.

  1. Take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself that the Loa have heard you. Take a moment to wonder what your familiars name will be and how it might appear. Wonder what it will look like and what colors it will exhibit. Ask yourself if it’s furry or scaled. Does it have feathers or skin?

Do not answers these questions. If you hear or see something note it and write it down. Your Clair cognizance, the Loa or even your new familiar will try to respond if you let them. It can be hard to notice the subtle signs of spiritual presence so if nothing happens it’s okay. Just tell yourself you didn’t notice it this time. Maybe next time.

  1. Pick up the vessel, put it on if it’s jewelry. Hold it if it’s a stuffed animal or a cup etc. Briefly pass your eyes over the veve again and repeat this statement in your own words:

I ask that my new familiar visit me in my dreams tonight (during nap whatever) and reveal its true form and name to me. Bossu I ask that you empower my awareness and ability to recall my dreams. Madame Lalinne I ask that you empower my ability to lucid dream and work magic while dreaming. Thank you.

  1. Put a piece of paper and pen by your bed, a journal, open the notepad on your phone and leave it on top before locking your screen- it doesn’t matter exactly what, just pick something that symbolically says I am going to meet my familiar and I am empowered to remember the experience.

  2. Sleep (doesn’t need to be right after this ritual it can be delayed by hours). Immediately upon waking ask yourself what you dreamed. If you can’t write it down tell someone. Send it in a text yourself or think a few sentences that describe the bulk of what happened at least three times.

Repeating it to yourself in your mind multiple times will cause you to build a trigger memory.

You may forget later what you dreamed even if you wrote it down. That’s okay if you reminded yourself what it was when you first woke up.

When you want to recall the dream again, simply think :thinking: huh I wonder what I dreamed, I remembered and now I forget.

Don’t focus on it if the answer doesn’t come up, just do normal stuff- it will come up and you have a oh yeah I remember! moment at some point later.

Ritual for Reversal and Revenge

Ritual for reversal and revenge:

Caution: please exercise responsibility and never leave flames unattended. We don’t care if you blow them out them out, don’t burn your damned house down. Thanks.

  1. Gather your materials. Each person’s materials can be completely different. Work with what you have on hand. This is what I call kitchen witchcraft, if you don’t have something, find something that means the same thing as the item I suggest.

-Candles. Any shape or color however black and red are often used in reversals and for revenge. I use 4” smokeless droplets tapers because they are economical for what I do and allow me to keep things cheap ($20 on Amazon to USA roughly)

You want one candle per known target. You can have as many targets as necessary but should keep situations separate.

For example, for your boss and neighbor are both targets, unless they somehow are tied together, they are not situationally related. Do separate rituals.

Conversely if you are targeting your boss and 15 coworkers, do one ritual.

-3 to 7 different kitchen herbs spices or teas. You can either buy readymade blends or go to the kitchen and stand in front of the spices. Proceed to ask the question in your mind or out loud which herbs should I use for this reversal and revenge ritual?

Then gaze at the herbs, for several minutes I’d you need to. Eventually, you’ll take notice of one in particular, pick it up and set it aside to use. Repeat until you have a handful of different herbs.

I usually find I feel reluctant to trust myself on the first herb, but after that I can quickly add several more to the pile.

I like to them google the herbs I chose and their magical properties to check my instincts.

-a small bit of cooking oil, spray, gum Arabic or adhesive of some sort. You only need 2 or 3 drops, maybe a tablespoon.

-a plate or bowl for the herbs and oil.

-foil, parchment paper or some other disposable surface to burn your candles on.

-a lighter or match for your candles.

-a paper or plastic bag for your ritual remains.

  1. Prepare your burning surface.

I am using a metal plant saucer and aluminum foil. You do not absolutely need a disposable surface but it makes easier to collect your ritual remains.

  1. Next spring small amounts of each herb you chose onto your plate or bowl and a small amount of oil. Stir the mixture counterclockwise to represent sending negative energy, mail intent and curses back to the sender.

  2. Coat your candles with your oily herb mixture. We like to make motions with our hands that go away from us where possible. If your rolling the candles on a plate like I am, roll them away from you. If your rubbing the oil on with a finger hold the candle so one end faces you and the other faces away and rub the oil on the candle from the end closest to you, to the end furthest away.

  1. Set up your candles. I am using a disable surface rather than a holder, so I hold my lighter at the bottom end of my candle for a few moments and melt the end till I have a small puddle of wax where I want the candle to stand.

I then hold the candle in the melted wax until it is firm enough to stand on its own. Sometimes I fuck this up and have to try again- no big deal.

  1. Grab those herbs again. Sprinkle a pink of each around your candles while thinking about who each candle represents.

  1. Light your candles and find the veve, scan the veve. Be very careful as dressed candles may burn hotter than normal.

  1. Gaze at the candles and think about what’s going on, what’s wrong, why you think you’re cursed, who you think it is. Just sit and consider it all until you find yourself repeating things, details or points about the situation.

  1. Read this statement, consider it and then repeat it in your words:

I ask that the Loa who are best suited for empowering this ritual and ensuring my intent deliver my energy to my target, to please do so.

Alternatively if you feel nudge to ask specifically Loa or even a specific Loa then for all who can help- do so.

Thank the Loa verbally or in thought after a few minutes.

  1. Allow your candles to burn out. You can do something nearby and think about other things, but do not leave them alone. If you need to leave suddenly or do something else you can blow the candles out and relight them later.

The ritual is not complete if your candles have not all burned out on their own.

  1. Now we need to gather our remains. We want to get this shit out of our home, out of our lives and on its way directly to the target.

If you used a disposable surface simply roll it up into a wad, ball or roll. Roll it away from to represent shit going away from you.

  1. Grab your paper or plastic bag. Put your ritual remains in this regardless of what form they take. If it’s a few nubs of wax great, if it’s a ball of herbs and wax in foil- great.

  1. Alright last step. Don’t anything stupid, illegal, dangerous or damaging but get that bag shit out do your home and off your property.

If it’s entirely biodegradable, many traditional rituals call dropping it into a river and letting it flow away from you.

If the best you can do is the kitchen garbage can until trash day next week- okay, but banish again and regularly as you have a hotspot of shit show right there with you.

If you can walk to the park and toss it in the can there, a gas station or something like that- that would be ideal.

  1. Now forget about this specific situation and do other magic, activities, take a nap etc. if you think about the scenario, tell yourself it’s taken care of. You don’t need to worry about when, your package is out for delivery.
Ritual for Returning Attacks on Your Relationship and Dominating the Offender

Please never leave a heating device unattended and be with hot surfaces and water.

We are going to be working again with our Clair cognizant abilities for this so please note if you do have something I used it’s okay. Just think about what that item is being used for and then ask yourself what you could use instead. Go in about life and know the answer will come to you sometime later as a random thought or idea.

Ritual for Returning Attacks on Your Relationship and Dominating the Offender

  1. Gather your materials, you will need:
  • A small pan filled with water.
  • 3-5 kitchen herbs which you are not allergic to and will not cause skin irritation. You can google herbs for revenge and dominance or you can do what I do. I like to think about the work I am about to do then open my herb cabinet and just allow myself to look at the herbs while thinking I wonder which herbs can help me with this ritual.

Sometimes I stand there for several minutes before I find myself thinking hmm wonder what the magical properties of this herb are…

So I pick that one up and I place it with my ritual items and then I find myself drawn to another… and so on.

Sometimes it takes me a few tries… like I won’t find that calling to a particular herb right away. I usually take this as a sign to set this work aside and wait. I don’t know everything I need to yet, some other details will show up and clue me into what I am missing.

-a sheet of paper
-a drying rack, towel, piece of parchment paper or something else to dry your paper on.
-a stove, microwave, hot plate or the sun.

  1. Now we are going to put water in the pan and all of the herbs. While we do this I like to dump each herb into my hand before putting it in the pot.

While I hold the herb, I take a real brief moment to think about how this herb is helping the working. If I don’t know I look it up and try to figure it out.

Since I followed my instincts for choosing, I am sure they are appropriate but my mind doesn’t know how they are appropriate so I have to tell it.

This also allows me to feel the energy of the herb and to gradually learn about herbs and how they can help me in practical ways. Looking them up as I go and thinking about the properties I’m calling about also helps me retain new information I learned about the herbs.

I like to let my water boil and steep the herbs like I would if I were make tea.

  1. While your herbs brew take a moment and cut sheet of paper into four pieces. This is still larger than we need, but will give you extra in case you need it later. I like to make different types of paper in batches as they store easily and then I can just grab the right type when I need it. (I make banishing paper and love paper too)

  2. Allow your witchy brew to cool enough you can touch it with bare skin. Please do not burn yourself.

  1. Dip your paper into your herbal mixture. If you have thin paper you will only want to dip it and get it right out of the herbal water. If you have really thick paper you could allow it to soak up the water a few moments.

  1. Place your paper on your chosen drying surface and allow them to dry completely. I like to take my paper to the back yard and lay it out in the sun or under the moon to add additional energy to them also.

  1. Write this on one of the four pieces of your paper:

Every step I take is returning attacks on my relationships to the sender as I dominate and stomp down their efforts

If you know the name of your target use it, if not that’s okay, simply frame this statement to include anyone whose doing this.

If you feel led to change the wording, do it. It’s more important that you write the statement in a way you can understand it, than it is that it’s perfect.

  1. We want to send attacks on our relationships away from us, so fold the paper, but fold it away from you to draw upon this intent symbolically with your actions.

I folded my piece of paper 3 times.

  1. Place the piece of paper you wrote on in your shoe or slipper on top of the sole and then wear them.

You want to put the paper into the shoe of your dominate side, for example if you are right handed , put it in your right shoe.

  1. Remind yourself periodically if the statement. You don’t have to repeat it in full, simply remember that every step you take is contributing to sending the intent of the statement where it needs to go.

  2. Repeat as needed, be careful to use skin safe herbs even if you wear socks, some irritants will go right through the micro sized holes and irritate the fuck of out of you if don’t. Dispose of in trash once the paper is worn out.

Ritual of Ultimate Defense and Oblivation

Ritual of ultimate defense and obliviation of those who have unjustly harmed you.

  1. Gather your materials. If you made magic paper for the last operation and still have some great, if not please see the ritual for returning attacks on your relationships and dominating the offender for general instructions on how to make magic paper.

You need:

-a piece of magical paper imbued with return to sender intent.

-a ink pen or writing device

-two bowls or a bowl and a plate. One needs to be a heat safe bowl, the other doesn’t matter.

-small amount of water

-candles (please exercise caution and never leave flames unattended, especially if dressed candles which may burn hotter than expected)

-lighting device

-3-5 kitchen herbs, please see the previous revenge rituals for ideas on how to select these. I’ve chosen herbs both for self protection and that will bite an asshole.

-small amount of oil, I cook with olive oil but whatever you have works.

  1. Banish

  2. Take the time to hold each herb in your hand and think about the reasons you selected it briefly then place them in one of your bowls or plates. Add a few drops of oil and mix. I’ve decided to include thorns from the orange tree in my kitchen, so I’ll actually cut these into small bits with my scissors, but I’ve also used a mortar and pestle to grind up bigger herbs.

We are sending this magic away from us so I like to roll my candles in my oil in the direction away from me, you can also stroke the oil onto the candles while pointing them away from you and making motions away from yourself.

I chose to use yellow and white candles to represent pus, health and vitality dwindling and infectious pestilence and basically the inverse of their normal attributes.

To my mind, these candles look like they are ready to deliver disease and death

  1. Take your magical paper and draw a triangle on it.

We are using a triangle because these bastards are done evading punishment for unjust wrong doings toward others.

  1. If you know the targets name, write it in the triangle, if you don’t or not sure or you don’t want to unjustly put someone undeserving in your triangle, do what I do to cover my own ass and write:

People, spirits, and situations that are wrongfully harming me, my family, my home and my prosperity.

As soon as you have written this or their name, consider that person essentially trapped, they have no way to evade the rest of what’s coming.

  1. Take one of the candles you dressed and melt just enough wax off the bottom to make your paper stick to the bowl. A drop or two will do.

Place the magic paper immediately in the wax so it’s stuck to your bowl temporarily.

  1. Using the candle from step six, melt a little more of the bottom on top of your triangle and use it to hold the candle in place.

I chose to put my candle towards the top of my triangle, representing staking my enemies right through the heart.

  1. Drown them.

Nah really, we are going to add water to the bowl. We want enough to cause our enemy to literally drown while they are staked to the bottom of our bowl, but not so much we don’t get to burn any of the candle.

I’m using a glass bowl, so I’ve preheated it with warm water and now will add scorching hot water to scald my staked enemy’s’ with.

The heat from the water caused my candle to bend a little, I just held it straight for a few minutes until it stabilized itself.

  1. Set up the rest of your candles in a circle around the bowl with your enemies staked inside the triangle.

Yea that’s rights, not only are they constrained staked in a triangle of water death but now they are surrounded by a ring of soon to be flaming fire.

  1. Light your candles.

  1. Scan the veve.

  2. Read the following statements, think about them for a second about what they mean, then say it in your own words.

Papa Legba I ask that you open the way and the crossroads so that I may access the powers and spirits I need to carry out this rite.

Baron Samedi I ask that you see my cause and my heart are just that you sign away these individuals rights to continue to inflict unjust harm.

Congo Savanne I ask that you eat the flesh, bone and blood of these cannibals amongst men.

Bacalao Baka I ask that for every evil and unjust act performed against me that would you inflict ten-fold the suffering.

Met Kalfu I ask that you open the gateway to the underworld and accept these insufferable souls, to inflict them with pain beyond death as they so surely deserve.

Silibo I ask that you purify my life of those who wrongly harm me for surely if they would break into my spiritual home and attack me while I sleep, they deserve the full wrath of my self defense.

  1. Allow your candles to burn out. Do not leave them unattended, if you have to out them out that’s okay, just don’t consider this ritual done till they are fully burned.

  2. Dispose of the wax in the trash, preferably away from your home or in trash that will be leaving directly.

Dump the water in the toilet, if possible flush the magic paper with your triangle on it down the drain. If not dispose of with the wax.


Somehow I’m over the character limit for the second post of rituals too, so here’s the next group:

Ritual of Ultimate Exorcism

Ritual of Ultimate Exorcism:

This Ritual is for Removing Bindings, Metaphysical Entities, Contracts and Energetic Attachments for Yourself or Others. (With or without consent)

Please note that most magic flows easier if you have consent or permission to perform it on another’s behalf, but the Loa/Lwa and I recognize that once in a while you may find someone whose life is literally in danger due to an attachment, binding or otherwise and in those rare cases this ritual should still be expected to garner results.

This ritual is intended to be remove unwanted bindings, deep seated or implanted energetic issues, parasitic type entities, unwanted soul contracts, unwanted possessions and other similar afflictions.

You could liken it to the ultimate cord cutting for dummies.

  1. Gather your supplies. Please remember to think about these things and if something stands out as replaceable, or a supplement calls to you; there is likely a reason so use or don’t use what make sense. Please don’t go broke trying to make magic fit into a special little box, use what you have or can afford to have.

You may need:

  • candles
    -string, yarn, rope, twine, or sewing thread. It doesn’t really matter what you pick, but please note some acrylic yarns are treated with or created with anti flammable materials and may difficult to burn.
    -kitchen herbs, salt and a small about of cooking oil.
    -1 to 2 cups of flour
    -1/2 to 1cup of water
    -wax paper, aluminum foil, a glass or metal cooking sheet/pan (surface to lay your creation while moist)
    -an oven, the sun or overnight to allow the project to dry.
    -lighter, matches etc for lighting candles
    -small mixing bowl(s)
  1. Any idea where we are going yet? It’s okay if not this ritual is combining a few elements of commonly known folk magic to ramp it up so to speak. This may seem a bit long or drawn out but please remember all of our physical actions are building energy and what we are doing is building intent, so while we may not need many of these it will help our minds and our magic if we do the ones that make sense to us and are doable.

We are going to begin by making a coffin and a small effigy of ourselves or the individual for whom we are performing this rite.

Start by taking your flour, water and salt and mixing them together to form a dough. If you’ve ever made pancakes, or made bread you’ll be able to somewhat intuit how much of ingredient, stir it and add more of each of necessary. If not you could google an exact recipe for salt and flour clay or play dough.

I usually just add about two cups of flour and a cup of salt to a bowl, turn on the tap and add a wee bit of water then stir. If I can see powder or it’s real difficult to mix- I don’t have enough water.

If it looks soupy and the water won’t mix in, you have too much water- add more flour.

I like to add corn meal to my mix (but I don’t have it today!) so that my dough has a yellowish skin like color, but you can also you other items, herbs or even food coloring.

This represents a target we are helping break free of things that harming them, so we want to use herbs that are antiseptic, cleansing, and facilitate healing.

You don’t really want to leave people with great big energetic holes as that leaves them susceptible to something else move if right back into where it was and the person going through a sense of emptiness or unbalance. We are going to cover that further in but if you’re looking for herb choices for any part of this, keep this in mind.

Antimicrobial or antiparticle herbs are also good choices. (For example different teas can kill a variety of bugs and worms and such that humans occasionally acquire from eating bad food or encountering dirty surfaces.)

  1. Form your dough into the shape of a small coffin, it doesn’t need to be super pretty or anything we are going to use it to send our ritual remains to their burial ground.

I made mine triangle shaped and big enough my effigy could fit, but you don’t necessarily need to.

Please note steps 3 and 4 are interchange or can be worked together.

  1. Form a small effigy in your (or your targets) image. In your image can be a simple as stick looking person with hair or it can be super detailed and you spend hours getting it just right.

Whether or not you intend to keep the effigy or dispose of it should probably also be considered. If it’s of you or someone close to you, it’s a positive effigy, so it could have further use, be used in a healing ritual that I’ve yet to release or for personalized rituals you create.

If you don’t plan or expect to do these things, you can simply dispose of the effigy in your preferred method when you are done with it.

I am performing this ritual on behalf of a couple who is intending to keep their effigies, so I’ve spent more time on creation of these than I normally might.

The coffins will still go in my trash wilst containing the ritual remains and effectively get buried beneath my trash and an again in the garbage truck and yet again at a landfill.

  1. I am baking my coffins and effigies at 250 degrees until they start brown, as I am making my effigies as permanent representations of my targets and well I’ll appreciate the coffins being more stable or hard, too.

You can also allow your clay to air dry or simply plow ahead if it’s an emergency type situation.

Hardening if the clay just makes easier to work with and every time you think about the clay while you wait, you’ll remember the working and what they represent, thusly adding energy and intent to what you creating- but we’re already doing a lot so it’s not absolutely necessary.

Please note as such you may skip step 5 as necessary, if you can’t use an oven or wait for the clay to air dry. If you are using the oven expect at least a 30 minute wait and possibly longer if your clay is thick.

I’ve separated mine into two trays as I expect different bake time needs for the thick effigies I’m comparison to the thinner coffins.

Please be responsible and do not leave hot objects unattended.

  1. If you’re baking your clay, now you have time to set up the actual ritual while you wait. Or to get started on it.

We’re going to make our candle dressing and dress our candles next. We have effigies of our targets, coffins to burry the ashes of the attachments we are burning through and now?

Now we need the physicians flame to burn through what needs removed.

Herbs used during and after surgies, like echinacea and garlic are appropriate here. Many of these may be in tea form, I just bust open a tea bag where necessary.

Add a few drops of oil to your chosen herbs to make them stick to your candles. This magic is all about removing things so just like with the revenge rituals we want to use motions that physically move away from us to represent that we are sending the bad shit away.

I’m using white candles for white’s common associations with cleansing and purification. You can use another color if that’s what you have or your intuition leads you to do such.

I chose nine candles, three for each individual and three for shared or overlapping issues. I just happen to like odd numbers and I know that I’m going to create a circular ring around my plate and then place effigies and coffins within it, so I need a few to form this circle but I also want to preserve space.

You find it easier to add a drop of hot glue to bottom of your candles to hold them upright than it is to melt the bottom sand create a makeshift stand for this application.

If I was using a square pan, I’d probably go with four and put one in each corner.

I’m using this aluminum planter tray from the dollar general, but you could use individual candle holders or any other burn proof surface large enough to hold contain a small amount of flame, your effigies and coffins.

It sounds like a lot of space but if your effigies fit inside your coffins, or stand up you may not need as much space as it sounds.

An old casserole pan or cake pan would be fine a fine option unless you’re adverse to adapting to a square or rectangle. I don’t have one to spare for examples sake, but if I did I’d simply do this next part in a square border instead of a circular one.

  1. Add your coffins and effigy’s to the ritual setup. You want them to be inside the candles, with the effigies either at the head of their coffins or within them if possible. If not arranged to fit the space you have to work with is fine.

My effigies bowled over and now have more of a sitting stance than standing. I caught it too late to try to fix and decided that they actually represented the individuals and their current life better this way, though I was still shooting for them to be standing effigies.

Real clay would probably be better for that, but man craft clay is expensive!

  1. Find your string or whatever stringy like stuff you decided use.

Wind it around your candles. Go back and forth, in and out, make a zigzag path etc.

You should now have a setup that kinda looks like cords, a spider web or lines attaching all your candles to each other that is above your effigies and their coffins.

(Please note when I realized I just couldn’t fit both individuals into the tray I chose that I decided to perform separate rituals for each)

  1. Find the veve, light your candles and gaze at the veve a few minutes. Think about what you’re trying to remove, even if you’re not sure exactly what it is. Maybe you just know something is seriously holding back in a specific area or maybe your pretty sure you have a soul bonding contract you need out of or that your brother has a negative attachment feeding him detrimental thoughts.

If you don’t know, think about what’s wrong that you are aware of, be it your own life or someone else’s.

  1. Your string/yarn/whatever may or may not catch fire and burn on its own. Once your candles have burnt down to the point your threads are sitting in wet wax, light the string somewhere towards the middle.

You may need to set several strands individually on fire and burn smaller ends individually. That’s okay, be careful don’t burn yourself but do your best to burn all of the cords even if that means you pick up a piece and hold it over the flame a few seconds. Just don’t burn yourself or anything around you!

  1. Read this statement, think about it and come up with a way to say it in your own words, so that you, your mind, the energy and everything involved knows what’s up:

Agwe La Flambeau I ask that you burn through all negative attachments, unwanted contracts, bindings, and parasitic entities causing harm, discontent and malaise in myself (or name of individual[s]).

Maman Brigette I ask that you empower my ability to bind and unbind myself from any and all things, peoples, spirits and energies while destroying all unwanted, detrimental or limiting bindings currently affecting my existence.

Met Kalfu I ask that you empower me with the ability to remove any unwanted spiritual entity from myself, from others, from situations and from situations I encounter life. I ask that you remove any and harmful, mal-intending amd oppressive spirits, entities, people and situations from my life.

Damballah La Flambeau I ask that use your generative energy to replace and heal any gaps, holes or trauma that has been caused by or left by the entities, attachments, bindings and energies removed in this rite.

Gran Bois I ask that you divinely heal me from physical, mental or emotional damage caused by the energies and attachments removed with this rite.

  1. Say or think a brief thank you and allow your candles to finish burning.

  2. Collect your ritual remains and place them inside your coffin. If you made a lid you can cover it and tape, hot glue or otherwise seal it (if you desire) then toss it in the trash.

Alternatively you could burry this or put it in a paper bag and burn it or some other means of burial. I think it gets buried enough times just going into the trash and it’s not baneful in nature so there’s no rush to get rid of it, only to complete the entire working.

Ritual for Attracting True Lifelong Love

Ritual for Attracting True Lifelong Love:

This one is so easy it’s ridiculous!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need:

-A handful of kitchen herbs and a few drops of oil
-two candles
-some string or yarn
-candle lighting device

  1. Set the stage/prep your candles. You are going to want to use the same intuitive method of herbal selection as the other rituals. If you have something that stands out as a symbol of love to you and it doesn’t have an ex-lover memory attached to it, or you otherwise feel it makes a good ritual decoration use it.

I received these flowers in December and I knew eventually I’d use them at least in part for rituals. They were technically a Christmas bouquet given to me for my birthday.

I didn’t know what for until today.

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed I want, you to dress the candles with motions in a particular way. This time we are using movements towards us to signify brining the match to us after we send out the message looking for our match.

I chose pumpkin pie spice as I didn’t have basil and I was going for the type of feelings you have in this sort of relationship.

We want to find people that are perfect fits for where we are in life, that make us want to be better people and who try to find a balance of give, take and compromise with us. The kind of love that is worth actually enduring for, people who have your back when it matters and get you when it doesn’t.

The kind of love where you feel as if you found something you didn’t believe existed, because where you are weak, they are strong and where they are strong, maybe you could use a little help, but all the while they fit into your life and the core of what actually works for you and where you are on you are right now on your path.

The kind of love that isn’t perfect, but if most people knew it existed a large portion of them would st least want to try it.

So, I have themed my ritual somewhat around holidays, because when you have a love like this the feeling is similar but at times better than the best family/love memory you can think of.

Also, because those are the types of feelings and memories that will be made.

  1. Take your string and wrap a length of it around the end of each candle.

We are not entangling these cords like attachments we wanted to remove. Instead we are looking it like a gigantic energetic web or map of people whose lives and energies may or may not already intersect.

We don’t want tangled up or gunked up feelings, so we simply attach the string to both ends to represent a beacon or a message or a signal looking for a perfect fit (or however it make sense to you) going out from the candle representing ourselves or the person we attracting love for through the web of energies that make up our life path and connecting to the energies of the closest perfect match for true lifelong love in our lives.

We aren’t necessarily looking for a soul mate, or someone we’ve had a previously life connection with, but we are looking for someone who fits the criteria for that type of relationship.

It’s going to be different for each person, that’s why I’m working with how the emotion of that can feel, rather than what it might look for that person- and chances are they might not know what that looks like either.

But we are sending out the signal follow our own energetic life path and odds are that even if we can’t perceive what a fit for our life looks like, there may still be one out there so our energy and our intent are going to go out there and find a match.

  1. Light your candles. Please always be cautious with flames, dressed candles usually burn hotter than expected.

  1. Find your veve and scan it with your eyes.

  2. If you have had trouble with love, bad experiences, sorrow or heart ache that you need to dump, do it now.

You may not, you may just be ready for love. That’s cool, just take a moment to think about what a loving relationship might be like. You aren’t making specifications, you’re just considering what it might be like if you had it.

You can alternatively think of a couple or a story that has a relationship you perceive as being similar to what you’d like and consider what it might be like if it was your relationship.

Basically we are talking theoretically, possibilities and what ifs.

Some of you may on the flip side be at your wits end and this just has to work cuz you can’t be alone and miserable anymore- if that’s you say your piece, cry your heart, express how unfair and awful it’s been despite you doing right or whatever it is you need to express.

This is your chance, you don’t want to carry any baggage with you if you are aware of it so let it out if you have it. If it comes up along the way, well.

The Loa make good counselors and advisors and this is life, we are just shooting for a clean slate of one can be had and if we get this stuff out now it will help us be ready when our opportunity knocks.

  1. Read the follow statements, consider them and what they mean to you. Repeat them in your own words as if you were asking a friend to do this for you.

Agwe I ask that you empower my to have a romantic relationship that is both empowering and has the discipline, accountability and stability to endure even the hardest of times.

Dahn, I ask that you empower me to find romantic love from another for who and what I am, not what fortunes I have or what favors I could bestow.

Ayida Wedo I ask that you empower me with a successful, committed romantic relationship.

Ezili Freda Dahomey I ask that you empower me to have a romantic love that endures into the afterlife.

Damballah La Flambeau I ask that you give me the wisdom and discernment to be able to clearly distinguish between when there is potential for a long-term loving relationship between me and others and when there is not, burning through any false starts or fake potential relationships.

I like to say a brief thank you after I speak, whether or not it’s all inside my mind.

  1. Allow your candles to burn out, the strings don’t need to burn in completion, if they do though it’s okay- we just need to make the connection briefly.
  2. Dispose of your ritual remains in your regular garbage. The ritual is not complete your candles are done, but your regular trash is dandy as it will go out from your house taking your beacon into the world and essentially may or may not cross paths with potential partners on its way to its destination.

It doesn’t really matter where it goes, so long as it goes. We want the fact it’s a message or a signal looking for it’s match to go out into the world not stay with us, so this isn’t really a good candidate for burial of the remains though biodegradables could go easily in flowing water to represent your signal outgoing.

I feel like the one mantra goes either st the beginning or the end of the rituals but moving it from post two doesn’t give me enough space to put this ritual in post two, so I’ll move once I know where it really should go.


Mantras/Affirmations from the Loa:

For Long Term Protection of any Type of Relationship

Mantra/Affirmation for long term protection of any relationship and to invoke the quality of unconditional love:

Recite while thinking of a happy memory of the individual or individuals. You do not to visualize them or feel it, simply think of a happy memory- it can be their smile, the way the say something, something you did together etc. It just needs to be a happy moment in time.

To use for a friend, coworker or any non romantic relationship such as parent to child, replace the word love with the appropriate word: in our relationship, friendship, colleagues, daughter, children etc.

I am grateful, I am thankful, I am happy in love! I am grateful, I am thankful, I am healthy in love!

We are grateful, we are thankful, we are happy in love! We are grateful, we are thankful, we are healthy in love.

Repeat until your mood shifts to a more pleasant one or your mind wanders off or you find yourself mangling the words.

Use as often as necessary when you or the other person is in a negative thought loop or going through a rough time or to help sooth things after an argument.

To Induce Projections, Journeys and Lucid Dreams

Mantra/Affirmation to help induce projections, journeys and lucid dreams:

Every inhalation increases my awareness and memory, my relaxation, abilities and the love inside of me

Recite this in your mind, while trying to project or journey or as you fall asleep.

Please note that clearly setting your intentions for what you would like to accomplish will also increase your success rate and that I find it easiest to do this prior to using this.

You may also wish to use it while not doing these activities to attune you to the affirmations energy, please do not do this while driving or doing anything that could lead to your harm.