Pact with King Belial and King Paimon (against all odds) (DUI COURT CASE)

I cannot reveal too much, but I made a pact with King Belial and King Paimon recently to help me with something that can cost me everything. The pact lasted for one month, and required a great deal from me.

The month has passed, but my desire has not yet been fulfilled, or has it? I’m not sure. I’ve had serious doubts throughout the pact because my life and future is on the line. I’ve gotten confirmation through a reading that I’ll get something that I wanted. Nevertheless I believe that King Belial and King Paimon will come through, I have faith in them.

I’m keeping this short for now, but I’ll continue with updates and a lot more later


Is it your first ever pact?
Detach yourself from the pact and forget about it just go on with your life.

I know it can be stressful when it’s something that’s really important, but you need to be confident and believe that king paimon and belial are handling it and it’s no longer any of your business.
It’s done, detach yourself from it
or you might end up blocking yourself.


I hope it’ll work out for you in the end.


Yes, it’s my first pact. It’s been hard not to go insane over results, I instructed the task to be completed within a month, with the task itself being quite difficult. Do results manifest even after the duration of the pact on occasion?


yes—it can happen that way


Sounds like i’ll have to do some time magick for this soon.

Good to know.

Thank you for sharing your work.




Is there more stuff you need to do to get it to manifest, I mean, on the mundane, not some kind of magical ritual thing you do for the daemons. Sometimes, it is very clear when you need to do something and not just sit on your rear waiting for daemons to manifest stuff for you.

You don’t need to obsess about results. If you are really worried you could call them up again.


This is something rather complex that is not within my control, nevertheless I have done everything required of me.


To everyone here on BALG,

I don’t know where to begin, but I should start off by telling you guys that AGAINST ALL ODDS King Belial and King Paimon, finally came through.

i went through 11 months of HELL

I lost everything, my relationships, my education, my dignity, my sanity, my trust, my future, but after today…

all this shall now be returned back to me thanks to the ALL MOTHERFUCKING POWERFUL KING BELIAL AND KING PAIMON

i’m turning this into a journal that will document my journey, hopefully giving hope to everyone and many more people who were and are in the same situation as I am, who suffer from complete hopelessness and defeat, that against all odds nothing is impossible

my court case hasn’t completely been resolved but after 8 months of continuous hardship, and EXTREMELY INEVITABLE DEFEAT ALL ODDS HAVE TURNED OVER TO MY FAVOR




I love to see people get what they want from these entities. I’m still waiting to get my petition from duke sallos myself and after i get it i’ll try king paimon next for some artistic teaching. Good luck for your future gemini, and looking forward to see your journal on the future!


I’m not going to try and be too organized with this, I’ll just post to whatever was on my mind as well as what i feel important at the time

I will probably also make another separate post as well


This month was definitely a turning point, usually I would have big highs and really low lows, but this time I had the greatest feelings of hope and trust

I finally got the chance to experience true synchronicity from B and P, i believe this all started when I felt compelled to go outside around 1:00-2:00am to do ritual to commune with B, something i’ve never done before knowing that he’d be there, but my parents go nuts at any sound I make and flip majorshits if I move around at night. I’m literally doomed to try and leave the house because my house makes so many goddamn noises especially my door, but sometimes I say fuck it to do other shit (haha). I always end up fighting with my parents on stupid shit and I’m literally at worlds end with them, meaning if i argue i get fucked.

Anyways I couldn’t bring myself to open the door, fearing my parents would wake up and just go through all my notebooks and books in my room and other scheming shit against me.

From then on I’ve seen these numbers multiple times almost every single day

11:11 111 333 444



Has your pact been accepted?
He/they can line things up with you, as you get into a state of flow, for example,
*getting outside of your door to

  • meet person x or y, by synchronicity,
  • get your energies flowing towards manifestation.
  • starting acting upon your intuition more fluidly (to have action+intuition working as one)
    -start upon what you think has relevance in relation to what you asked in your pact, sometimes it might seem quite subtle or ‘insignificant’, and one thing may lead to another.

You might want to call forth Belial and Paimon more often to get in touch with their energies so you can really feel the forces flowing, because it’s also a matter of getting opened up more as a channel with these forces in order to be able to discern them more easily.

Ask also specifically to give a clear sign to whether your pact has been accepted, and everything therein, and why or why not (as one question).

Ask for flawless communication skills to them, (preferably with the word flawless, literally),
that would remove all doubts in oneself. :slight_smile:

How did you seal your pact?
Was it a blood ritual or did you close it off with ‘Alash tad Alash tad Ashtu’ (ask me if you don’t recognize the goal of this particular incantation, I’ll write that too) :slight_smile:


it has already been accepted and is currently manifesting itself into my life


Yes, it was a blood ritual signed in my name and theirs, I didn’t close with Alash tad Alash tal Ashtu though, other than its original purpose, im assuming it can be used to close a ritual?

I used divination to confirm, but it was still quite hard not to go insane and lose hope, I was told before I made the pact that the outcome of my court case was inevitable.

you have some good points, i’ll keep them in mind


Was this one pact for both demons or did you make two separate pacts?


as the title suggests, this pact was made both with King Belial and King Paimon

its the same process for all pacts, wrote up the contents in the presence of both deities, asked them if they agreed with the terms, then signed in blood with my full name sealed in black wax. ask them to astrally sign it as well

then state it is done


Did you evoke them both? I haven’t done a full evocation yet but I was about to use the Gallery of magick method for full evocation unless you can suggest a method to invite them both

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you dont have to fully evoke them, just call them forth and they will come


hi, I am so happy for you that everything is working out for you truly.

I want to do a pact with one or both of them to help with a difficult task I need to accomplish and I will offer with something in exchange for their service.

can you tell me how to evoke/summon them or a better stronger reasonable jinn???
please walk me through STEP - BY - STEP ???