Pact ritual 28th

Hi guys!
I’m going to join for Jan 28th ritual with Satan.
Anyone else will participate?
Before paying, just one question: do you think it will a true ritual with true results?




when you say Satan, you mean Satan right? not Lucifer

Yes, Satan


oh cool, i always ask because people tend to think the 2 are the same


Me. I’ll participate. I’m trying to make communication stronger between us, so guess this will help.

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OP is talking about the EA Koetting gategeeper ritual for $800 that goes with the book, so, that Satan, whatever that is, I nope out on xtian egregores.


Do you think it’s not worth it?

It’s not for me to tell you really, because magick and your path must be personal to you.

I have several of the compendiums and purchased the Lucifige ritual myself. I’ve enjoyed the work and the style. I think of EA Koetting’s latest stuff as it’s own current now. His early work provides valuable no-nonsense instruction on basic magick that is very worth reading.

For some people this new one will be great, I’m sure. There’s those here who are really into the Satan egregore.
I personally have a problem with it, and moreover a problem with how the gatekeeper current has evolved that caused me to leave it behind, though I completed the work I wanted to with it early anyway.

I made up my own mind about “Satan” being a xtian fakery used as a sort of wrongthink a long time ago. I shun all forms of thought control including that one. If I want to talk to entities demonized by xtains, I’m not going to go through the lens of xtianity to do so - I want the real thing, the entity as who they really are before they were viscously attacked by evil, conquering zealots.

For the latest stuff, it started out very interesting. However, I personally have a strong repulsion for anything demiurge xtian/jew/islamic, which makes me oversensitive to even a whiff of it, and the Koetting current has become increasingly embedded with this energy, using xtian concepts and language, of the false demiurgic variety, and it’s too much for my taste. To an extent I think he’s pandering to the Satanists.

I completed my own gate a year ago with Satolas, which was at the time the expected 9th gatekeeper, and some of Connor’s rituals. This worked just fine and was a very valuable experience, the info from which is still in sync with new info I’m getting to the current day.

From my own research, I find the first cut is the right one. If you change your thinking afterwards to suit your ego you’re using conscious imagination not magic… and it breaks it. That’s another reason I think the switch to Satan has a reason that is not magickal behind it. Could it still work - sure, it’s just different from the originally planned working that I was interested in.

I consider my work with the current completed. I.e., I don’t think there’s any more good learning I personally can get out of it for the effort, so I’ve moved on.


I see.
Thanks a lot…

Did you get results with Lucifuge ritual?
It was a serious ritual? No BS?


It was the ritual done By EA (and I think also Connor Kendall) for the release of the Lucifige Compendium.
It was a serious ritual and the video of the ritual was released to the people who bought it in their accounts.

The purpose of the ritual was to affirm my commitment to self knowledge and development of wisdom.
I had prior conversations with Lucifige, who is one of my personally favourite entities, and confirmed with him my participation would be a good way to build my connection with him. The pact did not kick in until I viewed the video with intention, displacing myself to the time of the pactworking.

Results-wise, while the path of the seeker was one I was already on, I’m continuing to be fortunate in finding the sources of information I need for my best personal growth. I still feel the connection to Lucifige. I consider the ritual successful.

Let me clarify, I have zero doubt of EA Koetting’s ability as an adept. I have personal philosophical differences with the gatekeeper current as it has evolved. These are two different things.

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Thank you…
This morning, while I was thinking about joining ritual or not, I met a boy with a t shirt with the Church of Satan goat simbol and I saw three times ‘111’.
It could be a calling… :smiley:

I’m in!

For what?

how do you do it what are the details id love to try

whats it about

Did you join on ritual?

Hi, tonight I’ve tried to make my part of the ritual, but I had no internet connection to follow EA ritual and the candle’s flame was cracking.
First time it happened…
Any thoughts?