Pact Making

It seems most people don’t like to make clear of pact making…

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Maybe it’s because everyone’s details are different for each one?

Did you use the search function to research other people’s responses to new people asking about pacts?


Yeah, there’s tons of posts here about that.

For newbies, as a general rule the advice is, don’t.

Get a good working relationship with the entity first, build trust and your senses, then ask it if a pact is a good idea.

For most magick no pact is needed.

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What are some of the examples of sacrifices we give to entities when they’re summoned.

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We don’t.

They don’t even need offerings.
“Sacrifice” is old energy and a misunderstood myth from the age of pisces, imo. At best its a crutch for a shitty magician who can’t, or doesn’t know that he can, raise his own personal power, at worst its an edgelords bullshit game done out of madness, stupidity or plain ignorance.

Most pacts are pretty private which is why you might not see details on them. But there are quite a few posts if you use the search feature.

Also, you’ll go farther with magick if you rely on yourself. Which means do some research and start Doing magick and not just asking about it. The better a relationship you have, the better a pact will be.

Either you’re into some other type of magick than a lot of people of this day and age or you’re lacking in research. Most people don’t sacrifice in their practice.


Well understood…