Pact How To?

can ANYBODY help me and give me a run down on how to do a proper demonic pact? please include preparation.

How to make a pact

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dont you think ive tried that?but thanks

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"First, most assume that a pact is simply a written contract between the sorcerer and a spirit. All of the terms of the agreement are laid out in the pact, and so the magician needs to be very careful with how he words things, and hopefuly he can trick the spirit into giving him what he wants, and he might even break free before the phantom can do him too much harm.

"In reality, when we are talking about pacts, what we’re really talking about are relationships.

"Throughout most of human magickal evolution, the sorcerer would retreat to a place of power, or simply to an isolated location, where he would supplicate to a specific demon, god, or spirit, sometimes performing ceremonies for days or weeks before the first sign of the entity began to manifest.

"Once the magician had materialized his specific devil or deity, he would then devote himself to learning from that being.

"What all of this required was an ability to thrust himself into the ecstasy of the communion with the entity so deeply and so intimately that the conscious mind would eventually retire from its insistence that the mundane senses are the pathway of experience, and thus gain access to another set of senses entirely.

“As magick was imported into the stuffy praxis of Christianity, all of the passion was removed, all of the intimacy was shamed, and the depth of the relationship was instead replaced by stale, written words and obligatory concessions.”

E.A. Koetting



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